• android silver
    Android Silver- Superhero
    Google Nexus phones

    Android, the most unique open-source operating system, created by Google, comes with various advantages. Manufacturers have the flexibility to license and use it in their devices. This has prompted majority of phone manufacturers to pick up this OS and incorporate it in their devices. In between, somewhere the pure Android lost its charm. Then Google […]

  • iphone case
    Logitech magnetic iPhone case
    Magnetic mounting system

    The Smartphone market is thriving with new releases every month. This has prompted phone case manufacturers to rev up their imaginations too. Reputed manufacturing companies are constantly innovating new concepts and attempting different things so that consumers are benefited the most. Be it battery packs or solar powered charging cases, there is really no dearth […]

  • acer -aspire-switch-10a
    Acer Aspire Switch 10
    Design, Screen, Software

    Acer Aspire Switch 10 which was unveiled last month is all set to give Lenovo’s Yoga tablets a tough competition. Being driven by the desire to introduce something distinct, Acer has packed in the ‘four-in-one’ concept in this device. Thus the Aspire is designed to perform as a tablet, laptop, and many other in-between forms. […]

  • Amazon-Smartphone
    Amazon Smartphone
    Prime Data and 3D Holographic Display

    In the case of Amazon, a prolonged rumored Kindle Fire-style touchscreen phone that finally appears. Once we get nearer to the device’s documented June kick off, more plus more clues include dropped to what we can get from Rain forest. From a new glasses-free 3d images screen and also face-tracking camcorders to prospective price and […]

  • Acer Liquid Leap
    Acer Liquid Leap
    New wearable device from Acer- August 2014

    Acer, a world class manufacturer of laptops and PCs is soon going to enter the market of the wearable companion device. According to the company, till August 2014, they are coming up with a new and high-technology equipped Acer Liquid Leap, which is a wearable companion device. As we knew that Acer would show off […]

  • amazon wearable store
    Amazon Opens Wearable Technology Store
    First web-based Wearable Technology store

    Amazon recently unveiled its first web-based Wearable Technology store, which the e-commerce giant hopes to be the premier online hub for of wearable devices—and shoppers, of course. Amazon’s technology outlet carries a wide array of gadgets from majority of the biggest brands, including Samsung, GoPro, Jawbone and more. A “Learning Center” is available, where shoppers […]

  • 140618-acer-iconia-one-7-malaysia-07
    Distinctive features of Acer Iconia One 7 and Iconia Tab 7 tablets
    Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Android 4.4 KitKat gets more power from Acer

    Acer introduces its latest line of kit in the market which includes two new tablets. After lots of speculations, Acer Iconia One 7 and Iconia Tab 7 tablets are finally here! Unveiling of the two Acer gadgets happened at an event in New York late last month. The company spokesperson announced the availability of Acer […]

  • pro s2
    Apple MacBook Air 2014 – an ultraportable laptop that comes with lower price tag
    Without Retina display

    The new version of MacBook Air hits the online store. Featuring a faster processor along with reasonable price decrease, this product will surely draw consumers towards it. However the initial excitement may die soon once the user discovers there is nothing that special which can distinguish this product from its predecessors. Firstly it should be […]

  • hp_slatebook_14_6_porte
    HP Slatebook 14 Android Laptop
    HP and Android on 1080p

    HP, a world class laptop and PC manufacturers always come up with astonishing launches. After successfully catering and accomplishing the needs of tech savvy, according to a video revealed, the brand is coming soon with a new laptop. A shrouded video (installed underneath) found on HP’s site by Notebook Italia shows off HP’s approaching Slate […]


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