• telehealth

    Innovations in the field of Telemedicine

    Telehealth has immense potential to become the future of Healthcare
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    Telemedicine is regarded as an absolute godsend for the healthcare industry right from the moment it was conceived. It’s been too long that people residing in distant areas had been denied right to proper medication. The scenario has changed with invention of telehealth technology. Now, a pregnant mother no more needs to worry about any […]

  • Floating-Swimming-Pool

    6 latest features for Your Home Swimming Pool

    Turn your domestic swimming pool into an alluring beauty
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    Modern lifestyles have become too much entwined between work and family. People hardly find time to go out and relax. A swimming pool brings the much needed refreshment right inside your home! It is just the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and mind after a day’s hard work. Besides a swimming pool is also […]

  • bathroom mirror tv screen

    Hygiene and Cleanliness with high-tech Bathroom gadgets

    How to have a greener and healthier bathroom
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    When people think of renovating or remodeling their houses, all rooms and every nook and corner are taken into consideration except one place that is the bathroom. They just fail to appreciate the fact that bathroom is one part of the house which is used often and used daily. Hence it demands greater hygiene and […]

  • gesture technology can affect body language

    Tech Togs will change our body language

    How technology can affect body language and communication skills
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    Communication is not only limited to spoken words but there are unspoken gestures and body languages which also help convey an individual’s emotions. In this tech savvy world, the conventional concept of physical communication has evolved a lot. Thus it is no wonder that body language has become quite different than what it used to […]

  • goget carshare card

    Rent a Car in different way

    Enjoy Green and Safe car sharing scheme with GoGet
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    A car is not only a mode of transport but it is also a way of showcasing your style and status. The only thing is that maintaining this status can be pricey and sometimes troublesome too. Regular maintenance, excessive fuel costs and many other factors often force car owners to think of alternate solutions. Many […]

  • Daimler Trucks Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

    Highway Pilot Assistance system by Daimler

    Daimler Trucks Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025
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    A truck that drives itself! Does this sound too farfetched an idea! Not so, as Mercedes-Benz Future Truck completes its first autonomous journey near Magdeburg, Germany. Describing this innovative vehicle as Truck of the future, Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, a member of Daimler’s Board of Management said that its innovative technologies will initiate a new era […]

  • Cruise RP-1

    Upgrade Your Current Car into Self-Driving Car

    Cruise computer- working product by early 2015
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    The semi-autonomous driving technology is right now at its transition phase. The market has quite favorably acted towards adaptive cruise control system. More sophisticated systems are on the pipeline as well. Those who prefer to stay updated about latest automobile techniques must have heard about the next stage i.e. driverless tech. Very soon the driver […]

  • Linux OS Desktop

    Linux has lost the battle in Desktop OS War

    Is It End-of-the-road for Linux OS Desktop version?
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    You must have noticed Linux popping up in your household gadget apps now and then. Your Android mobile is lured by Linux. Try adding some special effects to your application and Linux is present there too. However, one segment where its absence is quite obvious is the desktop. So what happened to the glorious Linux […]

  • 10 Wearable Fitness

    Must have high end fitness trackers

    10 wearable fitness trackers to keep you healthy and strong
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    Staying fit is no more difficult. With wearable fitness trackers your daily fitness routine can become quite interesting. These uniquely designed trackers keep track of how many steps you have walked a day, how many floors you have climbed or how much calories you have burnt. Be it any sports activity like running, swimming or […]

  • love and money

    Take Control over Finances and save your Relationship

    7 ways to manage love and money simultaneously
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    Those who are in steady relationships will surely admit that maintaining relations nowadays can be an expensive affair. A relationship cannot survive on romantic talk alone. You have to work on it, make adjustments and most importantly think of finances. If you don’t want everyday expenses create cracks in your relations, then here are some […]


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