• impossible IT job postings

    Identify unrealistic expectations of IT recruiters

    Know how to deal with impossible IT job postings
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    Hiring is a detailed process which starts by listing the job at appropriate channels. If attending an interview demands skills then posting jobs also require certain acumen, especially if the job is related to IT field. Thus it is completely understandable that lives of IT hiring managers are not easy as they need to work […]

  • car dashboard

    Transform your car dashboard into mobile

    Ten dashboard apps which ensure smooth and secure driving experience
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    Mobile technology has completely transformed the way you drive your car. In this age of car dashboard apps, you can streamline and simplify overall operation of the vehicle. Be it finding the best parking lot, tracing cheapest gas station, deciding the shortest route or even booking table while heading for dinner; all these and much […]

  • brainstorm ideas

    Brainstorming with mobile apps / software

    Get your mind going by using apps and software
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    Your mind is brimming with brilliant ideas but often these don’t find the right outlet. This is quite common with most individuals who don’t know how to give proper shapes to their creative ideas. Hence there arises the need for brainstorming. It is a significant process that lets improve communication skills, be it writing or […]

  • stay fit

    Top five apps to keep you in fit shape

    Stay motivated, workout, track your activities
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    Healthcare is one space where technology has intervened a bit late. The good thing is that once technology invaded this space, there was no stopping to that! Market experts who are closely studying the healthcare segment feels that mobile health app downloads have increased manifold in recent years. This is partly because people are becoming […]

  • home loans

    Tips to refinance home loans smartly

    5 tips and tools to help you to refinance your home better
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    You have taken home loan years back and now repaying it has become a real burden because of rising household expenses. While you can’t get out of it but fulfilling the monthly loan payment criteria has become burdensome too. Refinancing can offer you the right respite in such circumstances. It is a process whereby you […]

  • gifts

    Technology inspired holiday gift guide

    Ideas for travelers, adventurers, food nerds and home lovers
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    Technology has overpowered almost every sphere of life. Now your day starts with a coffee/tea maker and ends with an LED TV! In between also technology remains interspersed in the form of computer, laptops, mobiles, Smartphones, video games, Wi-Fi and various other gadgets. Be it working in the kitchen, exercising at the gym or completing […]

  • teas

    Five popular Detox Teas

    Healthy body and Attentive mind
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    Growing awareness about natural health remedies has resulted in coming up of a range of detoxification processes. However the one which is very popular and easiest to follow is detoxifying the body with herbal teas. Most popular teas recommended for detox contain various types of herbs. These help nourish liver, which is the primary body […]

  • Email Encryption Issues

    Email Encryption Issues

    What you should know?
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    Some have this idea that internet and computer security is mostly a hype created by overzealous security consultants or greedy software vendors. They are more interested in selling their products and hence this attempt to scare users. While it can’t be disagreed totally but email encryption issues are not purely hype. Email encryption is the […]

  • selfie tips and tricks

    15 Selfie Tips which can be mastered easily

    Leave the mirror, Stay still, Look good and Have fun
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    The American Psychiatric Association might tag a ‘selfie’ obsessed person as someone suffering from mental disorder. But there are many out there, who don’t really bother! Nothing can deter them from taking selfies and posting these on a daily basis to keep their social networking activities alive. And, yes they are actually proud of their […]

  • job interview

    Ten Worst Things to Say in a Job Interview

    Interview is a process where the candidate needs to sell himself correctly yet discreetly
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    You opened the e-mail and found that much awaited message, an interview call from your dream company! Now don’t get too carried away that the company has selected you for an interview. The biggest hurdle remains is the interview session itself. If you think that your resume and cover letter has wowed the recruiter so […]


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