• Falconry wingbeat

      Drones for hunting wild quarry – Falconry receives a boost

      Ancient art of falconry is also getting intruded by drones, this is not making falconry purists very happy
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      Image: WingBeat The concept of falconry is indeed intriguing. A trained bird of prey is used to hunt wild preys in their natural state and habitat. Those who are falconry enthusiasts know very well that this is an art which demands hours of dedication, time, energy, finesse and skill. Now this ancient art form is […]

    • nanotube over silicon

      New material for wearable tech it’s Carbon Nanotube

      Positive sign is that few big names are quite eager to invest in research work related to flexible electronics materials
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      Image: Imagine a tiny Smartphone which you can wrap around wrists or wear it on your clothing? What about running a bioassay to check out your health by just wiping your nose with a tissue? These scenarios might sound incredible right now but scientists are seriously working on making these possible! If present research […]

    • drone for hunting and fishing

      Drones for hunting and fishing outlawed in Oregon

      Oregon State House voted unanimously to pass the bill, thereby outlawing the use of drone for hunting or fishing
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      Drone news is coming up almost on daily basis and many of this is not even related to war or disaster. The recent spotlight has been on the topic related to drones used for hunting. The Wildlife departments of quite a few States in America have already expressed concern over using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for […]

    • neptunesuite 33

      A Smartwatch that becomes the center of mobile universe

      In all probability Neptune won’t start the shipment of Neptune Suite until February 2016
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      The Neptune Duo Smartwatch launched recently, came up with the concept of it being a central hub, which is powerful enough to run apps, take calls, and send messages. The hub lets you control a secondary slave Smartphone, and not the other way round. This was only the beginning of Neptune’s Duo plan. Now, it […]

    • Li Ning smart shoes

      Smart Running Shoes to hit the track soon

      The shoes will have this amazing capability to connect with a Xiaomi Smartphone app
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      The wearable market receives another boost today. As per Reuters, the Chinese company Li Ning Co Ltd which is a reliable name in the athletic shoes and sporting goods manufacturing segment is teaming up with Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi. They aim to produce a new generation of “smart” running shoes this year. This is looked […]

    • runners- wearable devices

      Wearable devices for better running performance

      Vibrating shoes and smart socks to track and improve your running
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      Fitness awareness remains the key mantra for the year 2015. As health consciousness spreads among all age groups, companies are leaving no stone unturned to come up with advanced fitness wearables. This is because consumers have learn to appreciate potential of wearable technology to enhance physical capabilities. Many fitness conscious consumers have already shifted to […]

    • apple watch apps

      Keep an eye on these exciting Apple Watch Apps

      Unlock your Hotel room, leave emoji comments, stay updated and control your BMW
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      image:Apple News about Apple Watch is pouring in almost every day. The week started with announcements regarding the Watch price, battery life and connectivity. The Apps segment might disappoint Apple lovers who are accustomed with wide options offered by the iPhone right now. Still there will be plenty to ensure a diverse experience for users. […]

    • Feetz-3DPrinting

      Customized wearable for every foot- the project receives funding

      Create your own pair, right from home comfort using Feetz App
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      Do you ever ponder why your favorite shoe brand can’t sell footwear that perfectly matches your feet size? The digital cobbler company Feetz, which makes customized footwear using 3D printing technique, aims at achieving this objective precisely. ‘A shoe for every foot’, that’s what the company motto is. Now that they have received support from […]

    • Bendy light-emitting diodes

      Smarter human implants will distinctly shape up medical industry in near future

      Flexible and wearable LED displays will enhance standard of electronic and optoelectronics equipments
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      Medical science has immensely benefited from technological advancements. As expectation and demand keep growing about what can be achieved and diagnosed, medical devices have accordingly become more complex and sophisticated. Thus, nowadays you will find smaller and least invasive optic and optoelectronic image sensors as well as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Sophisticated LEDs are considered indeed […]

    • The most popular drone maker 1

      The most popular drone maker set to enter the billion dollar club

      This year they are expected to do around $1 billion sales
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      Those who are familiar with drone developments must be well acquainted with the leading drone manufacturing company DJI. The company has made remarkable progress over last two years as its Phantom line of Quadcopters became quite a hit with masses. Now the company is all set to spread its wings further as per recent news […]

    • IoT No-touch interface

      New Generation of Computers, Mobiles Phones and GPS system

      Plastic chips, Intenet of Things, Nano-scale antennas, and No-touch interface
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      Technology is expanding at rapid pace which is going to make an immense impact on the electronic space like computer, cell phones and GPS system. Several research projects are going on right now, some of which has already given promising results. Continue reading to know how the new generation of computers, mobiles phones and GPS […]

    • Sensoria’s Health Sensing

      Latest updates on Sensoria’s Health Sensing Wearables

      Used by doctors and researchers who are looking for smart ways to collect gait and speed data
      News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      Wearable activity monitors are recently in the news. It is expected that these will have a greater impact on mobile health and digital technology in coming days. The only thing is that these wearables are still not available in such fashion so that people can wear it to flaunt their style quotient! Sensoria, a recognized […]

    • motorola-android-wear

      Android Wear new software release promises Wi-Fi support and gesture control

      Right now finding applications in Android Wear is not really that smooth or rather not very user-friendly
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      Past few days it’s Apple which is stealing the limelight. However that doesn’t means its competitors are sitting still with their wearable platforms. A reliable source has offered an interesting bit of information to The Verge about Android Wear’s product direction. It says that their next software release will turn on Wi-Fi support. This means […]

    • outdoor walking

      Outdoor group walk is the best way to free your mind and body

      Study: Nature group walk may help to reduce depression and daily stress
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      Modern lifestyle has showered mankind with several benefits. However, it brings with it many vices too, the most common being handling stress in daily life. Be it pressure at workplace or tension at home, more and more people are suffering from bouts of depression and anxiety. Psychologists worry that if the situation is not handled […]

    • Mobile World Congress 2015 - Day 1

      Smartwatches that promise longer battery life got displayed in MWC 2015

      Aim to fix one major problem that wearable tech facing right now
      News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      The Mobile World Congress 2015 has gone through its share of hits and misses. While few major brands disappointed their supporters by not coming up with expected announcements, some new entities have managed to spring surprises in the wearable segment. It’s indeed promising to note that smaller companies have been able to show off innovative […]

    • SaviOne-in-hallway direct

      Robot Hotel Butlers – A Gimmick or Gift to the Hospitality Sector

      The bot addition may even have caused a hike in hotel bookings at Aloft in the past few days, as reports suggest.
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      SaviOne in Hallway Ever since the release of Pixar animation movie the first thing that perhaps comes to mind when someone speaks of robots is Wall E and his sophisticated beloved robot EVE. The movie is set in the distant future of 2805 but robots have already found their way into lives of humans. […]

    • fitbit22

      Fitbit acquires FitStar to present flexible and effective fitness programs

      FitStar is provided with more resources so that it can continue producing instructional videos
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      Fitbit Surge In the fitness wearable category the name Fitbit is widely recognized for its vast offerings of hardware and software which are specifically designed to help consumers keep track of their activity levels. As the company rightly claims ‘there is a Fitbit product for everyone’, one can browse through their wide category of One, […]

    • star-wars-direct

      Gears and Gadgets with Star Wars Theme

      Gadgets, Car accessories and Home Decor
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      Are you a die-hard fan of the space opera series and have religiously seen all their film adaptations? If Yoda is the one you worship and adore and secretly imagine yourself as a Jedi, the guardian of peace, then the world has just become a brighter place for you! On popular demand, for there are […]

    • Motorola Mobility President Rick Osterloh Speaks At The SIEPR Policy Forum On The App Economy

      More Wearables and Low-Cost Phones form Motorola

      Sharing future strategy Motorola at present is not really looking too far and planning future products
      News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      Rick Osterloh, President and Chief Operating Officer at Motorola Mobility The Mobile World Congress now going on at Barcelona is experiencing exchange of views by luminaries and innovators almost every day. They are sharing their visions on mobile technology which is expected to transform the way people interact in future. Today the limelight was on […]

    • Sundar Pichai barcelona

      Solar-Powered Drones from Google to Hit Airspace Soon

      Project Titan will fly lightweight airplanes, powered by solar energy, and will serve as remote satellites
      News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      Google’s Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai on 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on March 2, 2015. An official announcement has come from Google about launching of its first solar-powered drone program Project Titan. The plan is there to send its first fleet into the sky sometime very soon this year. The Senior Vice […]

    • Invention of e-whisker wearable

      E-Whiskers that Make the Robot Sensitive to Surroundings

      Invention of e-whisker may mean a breakthrough in the wearable tech segment
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      Optical image of a fully fabricated e-whisker array A robot which can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ its surrounding! Sounds improbable? Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Berkeley Lab have made this impossible task plausible by devising robots which are endowed with ability to ‘feel’ and ‘see’. Thanks to Nanotechnology which has already given electronic […]

    • navdy display

      Navdy Helps Keep Your Head up and Eyes on Road While Driving

      With a Navdy device on the car dashboard you need not worry about distracted driving
      Reviews by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      If you are a seasoned driver then you must have heard the term ‘distracted driving’. According to figures released by United States Department of Transportation, individuals who read or send text messages while driving are at 23% greater risk of getting involved in car crashes as compared to other drivers. The study further says that […]

    • smart devices

      Few Latest Trends in Wearable Technology

      Smart watches, Smart shoes, Smart ring and Polo Tech t-shirt
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      All eyes are right now on wearable technology with experts predicting how the market will shape up in near future. Almost every day some better trends are getting introduced which are easy to operate, extremely useful and affordable too. Take for instance the Google Glass, the very first gadget which comes to mind whenever the […]

    • Swiss-Horological-Smartwatch

      Swiss Watch Makers Transform Fancy Watches into Activity Trackers

      The link between modern and classic. The bridge between Silicon Valley and Switzerland - MMT
      News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      Alpina and Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch The Smartwatch segment is having its best time as the spotlight is right on this wearable. Almost every day, news is emerging about Apple Watch. Side by side several small luxury watch companies are grabbing headlines too. Just yesterday there was an announcement from Brikk about its line of […]

    • Diamond Studded luxury line of Apple Watch

      Diamond Studded Luxury Line of Apple Watch Comes with Sky-High Price Tag

      "Zero Halliburton aluminum case with carbon fiber interior”
      News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

      The Omni edition(CUSTOM APPLE WATCH) in 24k yellow gold with 12.3 carats of diamonds News keeps surfacing about Apple Watch whose expected date of release is around April 2015. In the mean time, the luxury and couture product design company Brikk has announced its line of Lux watches which will be available in 30 different […]

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