Dancing Lipizzaner
Enchanting performance of Dancing Lipizzaner horses will leave you spellbound
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Angels without wings, a horse’s beauty can best be described as “gracefully beautiful”. Lean, well-chiseled, shiny look and exuding energy, courage, intelligence and nobility, this animal can steal hearts with its graceful gestures. Because of its study features, equines are often picked up for hard works. But Dancing Lipizzaner horses? This really sounds an implausible […]

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  • avocado unhealthy

    Five recipes that make Avocado unhealthy

    Mayonnaise, Bacon and Cheese your favorite, will take away benefits of Avocados
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    There are many ways to define avocado and its health benefits. However, words which best suit this fruit are luxuriously rich and deliciously creamy that reminds you of butter! Packed with protein and mono-unsaturated fat, this fruit takes care of your ‘good’ HDL cholesterol level. If you have this idea that avocado taken in whatever […]

  • digital wallet

    Five latest wallets for digital world

    Great list of five services that offers digital wallets
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    Have you ever faced an awkward situation on a lunch date after discovering that the wallet is missing? Be a date or an important purchase, people often end up embarrassing themselves just because they have forgotten the wallet at home or misplaced it somewhere. No wonder more and more individuals are shifting towards digital wallets. […]

  • brass2 plate

    Five new best value for money cars for First-Time Buyers

    Five Best Cars for the Budget-minded Buyers
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    Your car is not just a mode of transport. It is a long term companion and object of pride. Finding the perfect car can be hard specially when there are so many alluring options to pick from. So how do you decide which one to bring home? Here’s a list of the five cars that […]

  • main 11

    Alibaba’s 11 Main, by invitation only

    Alibaba’s 11 Main sets out to capture US market
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    If you have this impression that the Chinese retailer giant’s new US shopping site emits a Chinese flavor, then you are in for some surprises! The company’s online retail US site, 11 Main, which was launched in June, is all set to woo American buyers with its unique concept. What 11 Main brings to the […]

  • impossible IT job postings

    Identify unrealistic expectations of IT recruiters

    Know how to deal with impossible IT job postings
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    Hiring is a detailed process which starts by listing the job at appropriate channels. If attending an interview demands skills then posting jobs also require certain acumen, especially if the job is related to IT field. Thus it is completely understandable that lives of IT hiring managers are not easy as they need to work […]

  • car dashboard

    Transform your car dashboard into mobile

    Ten dashboard apps which ensure smooth and secure driving experience
    Posted in: Reviews by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

    Mobile technology has completely transformed the way you drive your car. In this age of car dashboard apps, you can streamline and simplify overall operation of the vehicle. Be it finding the best parking lot, tracing cheapest gas station, deciding the shortest route or even booking table while heading for dinner; all these and much […]

  • brainstorm ideas

    Brainstorming with mobile apps / software

    Get your mind going by using apps and software
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    Your mind is brimming with brilliant ideas but often these don’t find the right outlet. This is quite common with most individuals who don’t know how to give proper shapes to their creative ideas. Hence there arises the need for brainstorming. It is a significant process that lets improve communication skills, be it writing or […]

  • stay fit

    Top five apps to keep you in fit shape

    Stay motivated, workout, track your activities
    Posted in: Mobile by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

    Healthcare is one space where technology has intervened a bit late. The good thing is that once technology invaded this space, there was no stopping to that! Market experts who are closely studying the healthcare segment feels that mobile health app downloads have increased manifold in recent years. This is partly because people are becoming […]

  • home loans

    Tips to refinance home loans smartly

    5 tips and tools to help you to refinance your home better
    Posted in: How to by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

    You have taken home loan years back and now repaying it has become a real burden because of rising household expenses. While you can’t get out of it but fulfilling the monthly loan payment criteria has become burdensome too. Refinancing can offer you the right respite in such circumstances. It is a process whereby you […]

  • gifts

    Technology inspired holiday gift guide

    Ideas for travelers, adventurers, food nerds and home lovers
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    Technology has overpowered almost every sphere of life. Now your day starts with a coffee/tea maker and ends with an LED TV! In between also technology remains interspersed in the form of computer, laptops, mobiles, Smartphones, video games, Wi-Fi and various other gadgets. Be it working in the kitchen, exercising at the gym or completing […]


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