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A Close Look into Needle Free Jet Injection Technology - Small, powerful magnet, surrounded by coil of wire, will remain attached to a piston inside the drug ampoule
Alibaba’s 11 Main, by Invitation Only - Alibaba’s 11 Main sets out to capture US market
This is just beginning of racing quadcopters - These guys set the norms for next upcoming drone race
The most popular drone maker set to enter the billion dollar club - This year they are expected to do around $1 billion sales
Acer Liquid Leap - New wearable device from Acer- August 2014
How Mobile Technology is Transforming the Healthcare Industry - The ultimate aim of course will be to positively impact an individual’s health and well-being
The NYC Council Member Proposes Ban on Commercial Drone - At present ‘privacy’ remains the sole issue which is driving new drone laws in different parts of the United States
Latest updates on Sensoria’s Health Sensing Wearables - Used by doctors and researchers who are looking for smart ways to collect gait and speed data
Amazon Opens Wearable Technology Store - First web-based Wearable Technology store
“UAE Drones for Good” Award goes to the Swiss Team for its Search-and-Rescue - The Flyability team has developed Gimball, a drone that can enter confined spaces and safely fly close to humans
More Time in the Air for Drones with Wireless Charging - Resonant Capacitive Coupling technology
Tokenization Service to be Launched by Visa Europe this Summer - With this service consumers will be allowed to make payments via multiple social networking channels


Smart footwear LECHAL INSOLE CREDIT: Ducere
Shoes that will show you right path and intelligent textiles Sox for better health
Shoe will vibrate to show you right direction and Red Sox will help doctors to give you better treatment
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Inventions are coming up almost every day in the field of wearable technology. However if you take a close look, it seems that lots of concentration goes towards upper body parts. In that way the market is crowded with Smart watches, Smart glasses, head wears and wristbands. Till date, researchers have given little attention to […]

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Linux OS Desktop
Linux Has Lost the Battle in Desktop OS War
Is It End-of-the-road for Linux OS Desktop version?

You must have noticed Linux popping up in your household gadget apps now and then. Your Android mobile is lured by Linux. Try adding some special effects to your application and Linux is present there too. However, one segment where its absence is quite obvious is the desktop. So what happened to the glorious Linux […]

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Racing quadcopters with lights CREDIT: Brant Cumming
This is just beginning of racing quadcopters
These guys set the norms for next upcoming drone race

Drone racing quadcopters is the new buzzword, as most of the drone lovers are all set to take up their passion for flying. From Australia, to UK and the US, no one seems to be untouched with the Game of Drones. Racing quadcopters(mostly) events are growing in number, and the competitions are only getting fierce. […]

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