Squeeze blackheads in right way
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As you know, blackhead is one of the most hard-solving types of pimple; it often appears on the face. This causes people, especially girls to be in fret, just because blackheads make their face uglier. And immediately, almost all of the girls want to squeeze the black tops. But this not only doesn’t clear blackheads, […]

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  • food apps

    7 Healthiest Fast Food Apps to Tickle Your Taste Buds

    Delicious recipes, food calorie and nutritional values
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    With cell phone in your pocket, eating healthy and mouth watering dishes has now become easier. App developers from around the world have designed virtual guides that help you with delicious recipes, food calorie and nutritional values. So now instead of subjecting yourself to absolute abstinence just follow a few simple steps to lead a […]

  • grass 7

    7 best robotic lawnmowers that help enhance aesthetic appeal of garden spaces

    In coming years, demand is expected to reach its peak
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    Imagine few silent, efficient and sleek pods gliding through your lawn and feeding on grass tips. Then they return to recharge their batteries before heading back to the field. Does this sound too good an idea? Not really so! Robotic lawnmower is now a reality which many households are availing of to keep their gardens […]

  • post 5

    Privacy and security issues associated with wearable technologies

    Favorite among hackers and corporate spies
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    The Vice President of TechNavio, Faisal Ghaus explains wearable technology as an innovation that ably converge telecom, media and infotainment with IT and internet based applications. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this particular field of innovation has taken the world by storm by merging so many technical modernizations into one. In recent […]

  • Latest boating technologies

    Latest boating technologies for your next venture

    Weather Report, Engines, GPS and Extra Safety
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    Deep blue water of the sea always has somewhat sinister appeal that inspires imagination of many. With its repository of secrets, sea has attracted scores of sailors. While few have successfully discovered some underwater secrets many have failed due to lack of knowledge and technology. Now that technology has advanced so much, a range of […]

  • home-controller

    Home controller in your pocket

    10 home tech that can be controlled with Smartphone
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    The term ‘phone’ in the word ‘Smartphone’ might project this idea that it is just another cell phone. While there is no denying the fact that Smartphone is indeed a device to make telephone calls, but its advanced features let you use it just like a computer or personal digital assistant. Now that the device […]

  • Virtual Presence System

    Before Teleportation we have Telepresence

    The system ensures you are always at the right place at the right time
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    If you have become accustomed to boarding economy class of a no-frill airline every alternate day, because you need to personally attend a stuffy convention the very next morning, then here is a piece of good news! Virtual Presence System is available now to ease your worry. It doesn’t matter where you are at a […]

  • Get Multitasking under control

    Get Multitasking under control

    Meditate without distraction, sleep peacefully, exercise regularly and adopt a healthy food habit
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    Multitasking is a very common term nowadays, considering the fact that many of us lead hectic lifestyles. Be it working on computer, doing household chores or completing an important project in office, many times people tend to multitask without realizing whether this is putting additional stress on their brains or not. With evolving technology, now […]

  • Quadrotor

    “Drones” Heading in opposite directions

    Should the society be alarmed or welcome latest Drone developments?
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    Drone warfare remains a sensitive topic in recent times. Opinions are divided. While many opine that it is the best way to thwart terrorist attacks, certain sectors have expressed their concern about rampant use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS). Before plunging further into the topic, let’s first talk about different types of drones that are […]

  • home renovation app

    Renovate your Apartment using latest technical advancements

    Home renovation process has simplified to great extent
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    Renovating apartment can be an irksome process. Before starting the actual project, several issues are needed to be addressed. Is it possible to carry out the renovation unit-by-unit while staying within the apartment or it is better to shift your family to someplace else? Now after shifting how do you monitor the renovation process? Finally […]

  • Medical_equipment

    A Close Look into Needle Free Jet Injection technology

    Small, powerful magnet, surrounded by coil of wire, will remain attached to a piston inside the drug ampoule
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    Just the mere thought of visiting a doctor and getting a shot raises heartbeat of many. No matter which age group they belong to, it is hard to find individuals who are not scared of those sharp edged drug ejecting needles, more so if they need to inject themselves! This situation is going to change […]


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