Best frames in the market and best build for 250 racing quadcopter

MXP230 Elite Carbon Fiber Frame

MXP230 Elite Carbon Fiber Frame

Okay, so are you a quadcopter enthusiast and want to build your own 250 racing quadcopter? It’s not as smooth as it sounds, as you need to pick the right parts for your own build. It’s kind of tricky to build a 250 racing quadcopter as some of it parts are co-related. Because of this, certain parts may have limited options due to the other.

It means that, if you want to upgrade a propeller, you might as well need to upgrade the electronic speed control (ESCs) too. This is because the higher the propeller version, the more power it draws. And not just that, you will need to watch that the battery matches the need of the current draw.

In order to build a high-caliber 250 racing quadcopter, you primarily need a solid frame. Picking the right frame will ensure lowest possible downtime. It will also save you that extra money which you would rather spend replacing parts. Let’s take a quick look at the list of best frames available in the market for your 250 racing quadcopter.

If you are looking at frames at cheaper rates, then you can think of FPV250 or KK260 which will be available to you well within $10. As these frames are made of Nylon, they are considerably light weighted. While the FPV250 weighs 110g, the KK260 weighs just 101g. Considered to be pretty strong by the users, at this price it is certainly a snatch.

If you are looking at a built a step higher, then the frames made of Carbon Fiber or Polycarbonate plastic should work best for you. There are a number of companies offering these frames between the range of $30 and $50. While some of them even offer a built with a mix of glass, some offer frames in 3D Prints and Polycarbonate plastic within this price range.

• FlexyBee250
• Tarot Mini 250
• Hovership MHQ2 270
• Polycarbonate 250
• EMAX250 NightHawk

Want to go even higher in terms of quality? Go for the ones that are made of Carbon Fiber and are priced anywhere between $60 and $166. You can use G10 frames that are equally strong and are tagged at $130. The weight generally differs with the company, so it’s completely on your choice of built.

• Porta Quad
• Spanky 250
• SG Adventure V4
• Warthox MiniCP
• EMAX250 All Carbon
• Flip FPV260Strider 250
• THuG250
• Blackout Mini H 220
• Nemesis Mini 240
• Armatan FPV 258
• Catalyst Racing 250
• FlyX-EvoH 280
• Arris X-Speed
• MXP230 Elite
• Lumenier QAV250

If you are a beginner buying a mini quad combo will make life easier for you. These combos are sold in a package that contains electronic speed control(ESCs), Props, motors, etc. all together. Besides that they are easy to build, the combos offer a cheaper deal for you. Some of such offers are:

• RCX-H250 frame on MyRCMart
• Banggood EMAX Mini Quad Combo
• EMX250 combo on MassiveOverkill
• FPV250 RTF Combo on Hobbyking

There is a lot that goes into building a 250 racing quadcopter. You might want to look at Oscar’s Complete 250 Mini Quad Parts List as additional resource for your research. Once you have all the required parts, you are all set to build your 250 racing quadcopter.

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