A Drone Detection System to Safeguard Business and Government Privacy

drone detection system
Drone intrusion is in the news recently when reports emerged few days back that a drone crashed onto the White House lawn. People are naturally intrigued that how a small drone operated by a young man in an inebriated condition from his apartment window at 3 AM midnight, could possibly infringe the White House strict security so easily!

With hobbyist drones hovering over buildings and populated areas, privacy has indeed become a matter of concern. To address this issue, CellAntenna Corporation, based at Coral Springs has come up with a drone detection technology which will allow easy and fast detection of hobbyist drones nearby so that these can be steered towards a different direction in time.

With this technology CellAntenna which typically works in the cell phone signal booster segment has ventured into new territories. Their designed cellular repeaters and customized distributed antenna systems have already grabbed major market share.

The announcement came from the company CEO Howard Melamed whereby he explained that this technology will particularly benefit business organizations and government setups. While talking in details about drone detection technology he said that the system in no way would disable the UAV or jam its signals. Being well aware of commercial drone manufacturing and FAA regulations, the technology is devised keeping federal law in mind. At present drones are legally defined as aircraft which means their operations fall under the purview of United States Federal Law.

According to 18 U.S.C. 32, the U.S. code related to destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities, anyone who “sets fire to, damages, destroys, disables, or wrecks any aircraft in the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States” will be penalized. Therefore the drone detection technology would be treated as a criminal offence if it willfully disables an aircraft.

Hence the task became a bit tough for CellAntenna Corporation. However they have emerged successful. As the company CEO informed, the new system simply aims at detecting a hobbyist drone and then determines whether it’s moving towards their customer’s property. If so, then the system would a take control of the drone and safely reroute it to a different direction, without causing any damage to property or individuals.

At the same time, he clarified that this new drone detection system is in no way aids in military operation. The technology has been devised with the simple aim of safeguarding privacy from prying eyes of hobbyist/ toy drones. Thus CellAntenna is dealing with very low-level technology that can detect hobbyist drones only.

The system comes at quite a reasonable price range of about $50,000 to $100,000. This is not really a huge investment considering the level of privacy and security it guarantees. The CEO further stated that right now they are targeting customers like correctional facilities, government buildings, airports and prime public places that can do with an additional layer of security. On a lighter note, the CellAntenna CEO didn’t forget to include White House in its probable client list, with an assurance that the technology would keep tipsy hobbyists at bay!

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