A Smartwatch that becomes the center of mobile universe

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The Neptune Duo Smartwatch launched recently, came up with the concept of it being a central hub, which is powerful enough to run apps, take calls, and send messages. The hub lets you control a secondary slave Smartphone, and not the other way round.

This was only the beginning of Neptune’s Duo plan. Now, it has come up with the Neptune Suite, a group of devices to augment the Hub. The watch now becomes the center of your mobile universe with which one can control a phone-sized screen and a tablet-sized screen along with a keyboard option. The Pocket Screen is a slave Smartphone which comes with a 5-inch 720p screen, and a pair of cameras.

The Tab Screen is almost the same thing, but is larger in size, which is 1080p, 10-inch.Then there is the Chromecast-style dongle that will stream to your TV, and a pair of wireless ear buds which you can wear around neck. The ear bud doubles as a charging cord too.

The whole package is now being sold through Indiegogo. Originally the retail price has been announced as $899 approx., for the Hub and Pocket. However by placing a pre-order, one can have it at a bit lesser price. According to news that have emerged about Neptune Suite, the user can clip the Tab Screen to the Neptune Keys wireless keyboard. Thus there emerges a small laptop, which Neptune says can provide user with “a full laptop experience.”

Then the Neptune Dongle also performs similarly, but you have to plug it into a monitor or HDMI port. This means you get a larger display of whatever is happening inside the Hub watch on a bigger screen. Sounds very similar to the phone and tablet, isn’t it!

The Neptune Headset is a great accompaniment for music lovers. The pair of wireless headphones ensures a fascinating music listening experience. Then the headphone can be used as a charging cable which means the user can charge two additional Suite devices simultaneously.

Don’t forget about the dumb Tab Screen and Pocket Screen accessories which make the Hub watch even more powerful with their dual battery power. The technology which woks behind the Suite range is named WiGig wireless technology. It takes care of streaming the Hub’s Android OS and everything else to different screens and hardware. WiGig, developed by Intel, is already successfully implemented on HP’s Elite x2 tablet.

Undoubtedly the entire idea sounds futuristic. However if you are dreaming to own a wire-free, multi-device mobile then you might have to wait for another year. In all probability Neptune won’t start the shipment of Neptune Suite until February 2016.

As already mentioned, the booking is going on right now as the company offers three payment options for the Neptune Suite. By booking early, you can pick it up for $600 otherwise you will have to shell out $650. By availing the third option, the buyer pays $200 right now and then $550 next year when the product will be ready for shipping.

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