Amazon Opens Wearable Technology Store

amazon wearable store
Amazon recently unveiled its first web-based Wearable Technology store, which the e-commerce giant hopes to be the premier online hub for of wearable devices—and shoppers, of course. Amazon’s technology outlet carries a wide array of gadgets from majority of the biggest brands, including Samsung, GoPro, Jawbone and more.

A “Learning Center” is available, where shoppers can check out helpful informative videos and detailed how-to shopping guides. This was created to attract brick-and-mortar shoppers to make their purchases online. An “Editor’s Corner” is also visible, which is serves as the home of the latest industry news, updates, press releases, product reviews and other information straight from the industry experts and to serve as a shopper’s must-read to know about the product that he wants to buy.

In an announcement made by John Nemeth, Amazon’s director for Wireless and Mobile Electronics, the company’s wearable technology segment is one of the company’s fastest-growing segments with

“customers… increasingly coming to Amazon to shop and learn about these devices.”

Furthermore, Nemeth states that the company is happy to offer clients with a wide array of wearable technologies at prices that they will love, eliminating

“the guesswork when deciding which wearable devices best fit their needs.”

So, whatever gadget or technology a client may be looking for, whether it’s smart watch or wearable camera, and if they’re looking to compare prices or looking for the best deals, Nemeth explains that a visit to Amazon’s Wearable Technology store will provide them the solution for their shopping woes.

Wearable devices has been a best-selling niche technology and has been growing for the past few months, thanks to the buzz that followed the Google Glass also little has actually been done to increase the chances of the products’ acceptability. Likewise, wearable gadgets are also a huge hit among fashionistas. Google, Apple and other technology companies have already started to join the race in dominating the wearable technology industry.

A report conducted by Transparency Market Research can reveal that the wearable technology niche is bound for rapid growth in the next years or so. Just imagine the leaps and bounds it did in 2013. In 2012, the wearable technology market had revenues of only $750.0 million in 2012. In 2018, it is expected that sales will reach around $5.8 billion.

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