Apple iPhone 6 release date and specs- rumors about doing the round

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When it comes to Apple iPhone releases, rumors travel faster. Often it is seen that consumers and market experts start speculating about their next release as soon as one iPhone hits the market. Thus it was no wonder that people were talking about iPhone6 even before the 5S entered the market. In fact many anticipated that it was the 5S which would become the new iPhone 6!

Right now all are talking about Apple iPhone 6 release date and its specifications. As usual Apple is tight lipped but different reports are leaking out from various sources. Continue reading, to know how much is real fact and what percent is fiction.

When the iPhone 6 will be released?

If previous release dates are taken into account then it seems that Apple has particular fondness for Sept/Oct months. However some feel that the company might chose WWDC starting from 2nd June, as the venue to launch its latest product. There is another interesting speculation doing the round. The fact that Apple employees have been told not to go on leave on some specific September dates is an indication that the company might spring surprises around that time.

What will be the screen size?

Experts feel that iPhone 6 will have larger display that the 5S version. In fact may are quite confident that actually two iPhones of screen sizes 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch will arrive by this autumn only. When Reuters and Wall street journal are also emphasizing the fact then there has to be some element of truth in the rumor.

How the iPhone 6 will look like?

Some leaked images and market rumors suggest that iPhone 6 will have thinner and lighter chassis. Most probably the company will use Liquidmetal, whose exclusive rights the company has. Being quite strong and durable, this material will guarantee same build quality as that of aluminum. Then some believe that the product will have rounded edges and sideway power button.

Wraparound display is another feature which Apple might introduce with this phone. Thus many believe that iPhone 6 is likely to have thin, curved body, edge-to-edge display and rear camera positioned in the center.

What will be the camera quality?

A better camera quality with image stabilization and enhancements is expected. As news emerging from different sources, Apple is planning a 10 megapixel camera with an f/.8 aperture. An improved filter will be there too.

Will it pinch the pocket?

Not much news is coming in this regard. However many feel that Apple won’t change its pricing system for this next-gen iPhone. So, it will follow same pricing system as it did with iPhone5S.

Some other speculations include:

The device will come with pre-installed iOS 8. It seems there is enough truth in this rumor.
iPhone 6 might feature some NFC chip.
Many would love to see a hike in storage from 64GB to 128GB.
Scratch free Sapphire display might enhance the glamour quotient.

Finally to conclude, rumors will keep surfacing; after all it is an Apple device. However, all are waiting with baited breath for unveiling of Apple Iphone 6!

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