Asus Smartwatch to Sever Ties with Android Wear

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The Smartwatch segment is experiencing lots of happenings since last few days. Targeting the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2015, companies like LG and Samsung are planning new launches. Perhaps with MWC in mind, the chairman of Asus began talking about the company’s future plan for Smartwatch, just a couple of weeks ago. Longer battery life will be the key factor that Asus would like to focus on while manufacturing its future Smartwatches.

This is what the company chairman stated few weeks back. With this objective in mind, Asus might shift its attention from Android Wear to guarantee longer battery life for its upcoming wearables. While speaking to the Press this Friday, Asus CEO Jerry Shen reaffirmed his company will be getting rid of Android Wear for at least one of its upcoming Smartwatches. With this announcement many might be wondering whether this would mean an end to the Asus Google nexus!

“We will continue to work with Google on Android Wear, and we will have another (smartwatch) that is not based on Android Wear and features a longer battery life” – Asus CEO Jerry Shen

So, what the device will be like? Till date no exact hardware specifications have emerged except this much information from the Company CEO that Asus will be targeting battery life that would last for at least seven days. With this declaration, the question naturally arises.

If not Android Wear then what else?

Few interesting information has slipped from the company MD in this regard. The non-Android wearable Smartwatch might be powered by a new MediaTek System-on-Chip solution, which is still at its developmental stage.

It should be mentioned in this regard that MediaTek is a fabless semiconductor company which has gained repute by providing efficient System-on-Chip or SoC solutions to facilitate wireless communications. MediaTek’s flagship Smartphone Soc has already empowered several high-end devices thus establishing its commitment towards leading Wi-Fi technology. Till date they have supported wearable devices based on Google Android software. Now it they do bond with Asus for non-Android wearable that would be a significant step for MediaTek too.

As news keep flowing in about Asus wearable bereft of Android, the company reaffirmed its ties with Google stating that its next-generation Zenwatch will still utilize the Google wearable platform. Rather than abandoning Android Wear completely, the company plans to launch a distinct line of Smartwatch suited for users who stress on longer battery life and can do without the commonly used Google’s platform features.

Asus made some previous announcements whereby it stated that the company is working on two lower cost “wristband-like” devices. These wearables will primarily focus on = health and fitness segments. As per latest news releases it appears that Asus might not be targeting buyers who have got accustomed with smartly crafted Asus ZenWatch powered by Android Wear. The company’s main target might be that buyer segment who stresses on battery life. Android or not, Asus lovers will be eagerly waiting for further announcements about its latest Smartwatch!

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