Best Car Tech to Prevent Your Vehicle from being Stolen

Every car owner will agree that the car is much more than just a means of transport. If some feel driving car is almost like a stress busting exercise many treasure their vehicles as one of the precious possessions that they have managed to achieve. So, how one would feel if this piece of his dream gets sneakily stolen away just because it lacked some extra security measures? Not really good! Continue reading to learn how to turn the security system of your car more fool proof so as to prevent it from being stolen.


General Motors
When it wcomes to car security, General Motors is one service provider which shines over others in the market. OnStar system being a subsidiary of General Motors therefore draws huge response. Its security services include Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Remote Horns and Lights, Remote Car Door Unlock and Roadside Assistance. You can call the customer support and report a stolen car. OnStar will first locate your vehicle using GPS and then send a remote signal thereby preventing the engine from being restarted. You can opt for another option, so that OnStar sends a signal to slow down speed of the stolen car.


The LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is widely used by Police and Crime Investigation Departments. Uniqueness of this security system is a radio device which remains installed in cars. However, the car doesn’t bear any special mark to indicate presence of this device, it being variedly placed in different cars to prevent removal. Once the car is stolen and a theft is reported, the investigating team tracks LoJack device ID of the car and sends signal to the police car. Thus the police car closest to the stolen vehicle gets its precise location and physical description which simplifies the retrieval process.


Car Shield is a plug in device that helps you keep close watch on the car throughout the day. It comes with an app which Android phone owners can download and use free of cost.
CarShield is really helpful in that it sends immediate alerts to your phones or to any internet connected device. The system can be used not only to prevent thefts but also during any other emergency. This is one security and diagnostic system which is highly appropriate for older cars.

Commando FM870

Commando FM870
The Commando FM870 is a key chain pager that allows you to lock/unlock the car door even when you are about 2500 feet away from the automobile. Further, the Commando is equipped with a small device whose LCD display monitors unauthorized access to the car doors or trunks. In addition to keyless entry and remote, FM870 also includes a loud car alarm system which can be triggered from a distance.

As car tech is growing at a rapid pace, many more technologies are expected to hit the market in coming years to strengthen vehicles’ security system. You just need to pick up the right one matching your car’s safety needs.

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