• Six Apps That Every College Student Must Download
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    College is very different from school. In fact, most will agree that college life is far exciting than school days. In college you learn and unlearn things. Those are the days when you love to stick to child like ways while growing up. College is the best phase to learn from a totally new perspective. […]

  • Few latest innovations in solar energy
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    In recent times, several solar innovations have been reported which has immense potential to impact environment and mankind. Some pessimists might point towards heightened global solar PV production in countries like China which has resulted in oversupply of panels and dropping of prices. However, the fact remains is that there are still endless opportunities of […]

  • Progress in artificial intelligence and data mining to make your computer smarter
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    As mobile and tablet applications are dominating the technology landscape this has resulted in shifting attention towards artificial intelligence (AI) and data mining application. The reason is AI technology along with data mining can be of great help in designing intelligent computer systems which would exhibit characteristics associated with human intelligence. Right now artificial intelligence […]

  • We hit the GYM first and than drink
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    Do you consider yourself a health enthusiast who makes it a point to hit the gym at least thrice a week? At the same time, do you feel that the ideal Saturday activity should be an hour long work out at the gym followed by a boozy brunch? Actually you are not the one to […]

  • New material for wearable tech it’s Carbon Nanotube
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    Image: Imagine a tiny Smartphone which you can wrap around wrists or wear it on your clothing? What about running a bioassay to check out your health by just wiping your nose with a tissue? These scenarios might sound incredible right now but scientists are seriously working on making these possible! If present research […]

  • Smarter human implants will distinctly shape up medical industry in near future
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    Medical science has immensely benefited from technological advancements. As expectation and demand keep growing about what can be achieved and diagnosed, medical devices have accordingly become more complex and sophisticated. Thus, nowadays you will find smaller and least invasive optic and optoelectronic image sensors as well as light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Sophisticated LEDs are considered indeed […]

  • Outdoor group walk is the best way to free your mind and body
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    Modern lifestyle has showered mankind with several benefits. However, it brings with it many vices too, the most common being handling stress in daily life. Be it pressure at workplace or tension at home, more and more people are suffering from bouts of depression and anxiety. Psychologists worry that if the situation is not handled […]

  • Robot Hotel Butlers – A Gimmick or Gift to the Hospitality Sector
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    SaviOne in Hallway Ever since the release of Pixar animation movie the first thing that perhaps comes to mind when someone speaks of robots is Wall E and his sophisticated beloved robot EVE. The movie is set in the distant future of 2805 but robots have already found their way into lives of humans. […]

  • Few Latest Trends in Wearable Technology
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    All eyes are right now on wearable technology with experts predicting how the market will shape up in near future. Almost every day some better trends are getting introduced which are easy to operate, extremely useful and affordable too. Take for instance the Google Glass, the very first gadget which comes to mind whenever the […]

  • An in-depth Insight into Wearable Tech for Therapeutic Purposes
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    “soft machines” made of elastic materials and liquid metals for potential applications in robotics, medical devices and consumer electronics. Wearable technology is advancing at rapid pace. Those who are tech-savvy have already heard about Google Glass and Smart watches. In coming days, some more interesting innovations are expected to hit the market, wearable tech for […]

  • Robotics Aims at Organizing the Messy Process of Construction
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    Imagine a future construction site where a swarm of tiny robots are doing all the work and building the greener building brick by brick. This is not just imagination. Scientists are working towards making this a possibility in near future. Robotics in construction will bring in quite a revolutionary change from the way present day […]

  • Gifts for Pets, Best Ways to Express Your Love and Attention
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    Pets can be great companions. Often they become part of the family with whom you develop an emotional attachment. While buying gifts for families it usually happens that you pick up something for your cute pet too. While owners feel their pets don’t want anything apart from love, attention and care but still from time […]

  • Five Best Brain Training Apps to Make You Smarter
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    Modern lifestyle puts excessive pressure on your brain. Be it at workplace, college or home, the brain works overtime in order to stay sharp and well-informed. Hence there arises the additional need to boost brainpower. No, here we are not talking about any health drink. Your brain demands something superior to deal with everyday stress […]

  • Car Technologies Expected to Hit the Market in 2015
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    Car technology is growing by leaps and bounds. While 2014 remains quite an eventful year, automakers have greater plans for upcoming 2015. Be it light-weight aluminum body which helps enhance fuel efficiency or Google Glass enabled interactive automobile systems, buyers’ platter will be full with wide variety of interesting options. It can be said that […]

  • Wi-Fi Reflection Technology
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    The world of technology is growing so fast that sometimes it becomes really difficult to fathom what lies ahead! Can you imagine living in a world where battery-free wristwatch or household gadgets directly communicates with the doctor or dietician, updating him about your health condition on daily basis? What about battery-free sensors for your home […]

  • Future of the Connected Car, what lies ahead?
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    During past couple of years, hi-tech cars plying on roads have increased manifold. Thanks to attractive prices and easy financing options, such vehicles have now become widely popular among all segments of buyers. Today’s cars are definitely not what they used to be, even 10 years back. They now come with so many advanced features […]

  • Wearable Tech in Office, Will it Enhance Employee Productivity?
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    Over past few years, a new technology trend is gaining ground, compared to which the Smartphone or tablet appear almost like antique pieces! Popularly known as wearable technology, it has already invaded private spaces like health and wellness. Now, Google Glass, Fitbit Flex or Misfit’s Shine have come up with designs and technique which can […]

  • The Emerging Trend in Mobile Reading
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    Flaunting a Smartphone has become quite common these days. No matter which financial strata a person belongs to he doesn’t feel hesitant investing in an expensive mobile device. Now that mobile device is in every hand, another interesting trend has emerged that of mobile reading. Here are few engaging statistics which is proof of the […]

  • How the Story Unfolds for Wearable Tech in Retail Segment
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    You just can’t ignore the hype which is building around latest wearable technology. It is quite true that the technology is still in its formative years. However the pace with which new launches and unique initiatives are hitting the market, suggest that this is one segment which is moving at rapid pace. According to market […]

  • Future for Smartphone Batteries
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    Life without Smartphone or tablet is almost unthinkable nowadays. Nothing can be more irksome than seeing your Smartphone’s battery percentage meter dropping below 20% and that too when you are in the midst of an urgent discussion. Hence there arises the need for efficient power management of mobile phone batteries. Mobile phone users are suffering […]

  • Tech Toys Will Transform Your Gardening Experience
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    Gardening is lot more than simply throwing seeds on the ground and then watching them grow into vivacious flower pots. It is actually an art that requires whole lot of planning and determination. Lucky for you, technology has encouraged some tech toys that are meant to turn your bland backyard into an eye-catching garden. Continue […]

  • 7 Healthiest Fast Food Apps to Tickle Your Taste Buds
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    With cell phone in your pocket, eating healthy and mouth watering dishes has now become easier. App developers from around the world have designed virtual guides that help you with delicious recipes, food calorie and nutritional values. So now instead of subjecting yourself to absolute abstinence just follow a few simple steps to lead a […]

  • Privacy and Security Issues Associated with Wearable Technologies
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    The Vice President of TechNavio, Faisal Ghaus explains wearable technology as an innovation that ably converge telecom, media and infotainment with IT and internet based applications. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this particular field of innovation has taken the world by storm by merging so many technical modernizations into one. In recent […]

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