• Six Apps That Every College Student Must Download
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    College is very different from school. In fact, most will agree that college life is far exciting than school days. In college you learn and unlearn things. Those are the days when you love to stick to child like ways while growing up. College is the best phase to learn from a totally new perspective. […]

  • How to Fight Social Media Addiction
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    The world today has shrunk beyond imagination. Just by the tap of a button you can convey messages and communicate with loved ones, irrespective of time or location. Distance doesn’t matter anymore as you can see and talk to the person by using a webcam. No wonder every single person nowadays has a Smartphone or […]

  • Future of the Connected Car, what lies ahead?
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    During past couple of years, hi-tech cars plying on roads have increased manifold. Thanks to attractive prices and easy financing options, such vehicles have now become widely popular among all segments of buyers. Today’s cars are definitely not what they used to be, even 10 years back. They now come with so many advanced features […]

  • How the Story Unfolds for Wearable Tech in Retail Segment
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    You just can’t ignore the hype which is building around latest wearable technology. It is quite true that the technology is still in its formative years. However the pace with which new launches and unique initiatives are hitting the market, suggest that this is one segment which is moving at rapid pace. According to market […]

  • 7 Healthiest Fast Food Apps to Tickle Your Taste Buds
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    With cell phone in your pocket, eating healthy and mouth watering dishes has now become easier. App developers from around the world have designed virtual guides that help you with delicious recipes, food calorie and nutritional values. So now instead of subjecting yourself to absolute abstinence just follow a few simple steps to lead a […]

  • Home Controller in Your Pocket
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    The term ‘phone’ in the word ‘Smartphone’ might project this idea that it is just another cell phone. While there is no denying the fact that Smartphone is indeed a device to make telephone calls, but its advanced features let you use it just like a computer or personal digital assistant. Now that the device […]

  • Linux Has Lost the Battle in Desktop OS War
    Posted in: Mobile

    You must have noticed Linux popping up in your household gadget apps now and then. Your Android mobile is lured by Linux. Try adding some special effects to your application and Linux is present there too. However, one segment where its absence is quite obvious is the desktop. So what happened to the glorious Linux […]

  • Five Latest Wallets for Digital World
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    Have you ever faced an awkward situation on a lunch date after discovering that the wallet is missing? Be a date or an important purchase, people often end up embarrassing themselves just because they have forgotten the wallet at home or misplaced it somewhere. No wonder more and more individuals are shifting towards digital wallets. […]

  • Top Five Apps to Keep You in fit Shape
    Posted in: Mobile

    Healthcare is one space where technology has intervened a bit late. The good thing is that once technology invaded this space, there was no stopping to that! Market experts who are closely studying the healthcare segment feels that mobile health app downloads have increased manifold in recent years. This is partly because people are becoming […]

  • Email Encryption Issues
    Posted in: Mobile

    Some have this idea that internet and computer security is mostly a hype created by overzealous security consultants or greedy software vendors. They are more interested in selling their products and hence this attempt to scare users. While it can’t be disagreed totally but email encryption issues are not purely hype. Email encryption is the […]

  • Wearable Tech Transforms Plain Headphones into Smart Ones
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    If you have this idea till now that headphones are used only to listen to music, then you must be in for some surprise! Considered to be one of the most accessible and user-friendly electronic audio devices ever created, headphones have now entered a whole new era of smart technology. Several reputed companies have adopted […]

  • Dumb Security Lapses in Smart Homes
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    Imagine entering your home and the light switches on automatically, the air conditioner turns on its own and the music system starts humming your favorite tunes! Yes, a smart home can make all these and much more possible. As technology keeps evolving, smart homes have become the latest craze. Working couples, single parents or elders […]

  • Android Silver- Superhero
    Posted in: Mobile

    Android, the most unique open-source operating system, created by Google, comes with various advantages. Manufacturers have the flexibility to license and use it in their devices. This has prompted majority of phone manufacturers to pick up this OS and incorporate it in their devices. In between, somewhere the pure Android lost its charm. Then Google […]

  • Logitech Magnetic iPhone Case
    Posted in: Mobile

    The Smartphone market is thriving with new releases every month. This has prompted phone case manufacturers to rev up their imaginations too. Reputed manufacturing companies are constantly innovating new concepts and attempting different things so that consumers are benefited the most. Be it battery packs or solar powered charging cases, there is really no dearth […]

  • Distinctive Features of Acer Iconia One 7 and Iconia Tab 7 tablets
    Posted in: Mobile

    Acer introduces its latest line of kit in the market which includes two new tablets. After lots of speculations, Acer Iconia One 7 and Iconia Tab 7 tablets are finally here! Unveiling of the two Acer gadgets happened at an event in New York late last month. The company spokesperson announced the availability of Acer […]

  • Apple iPhone 6 release date and specs- rumors about doing the round
    Posted in: Mobile, Reviews

    When it comes to Apple iPhone releases, rumors travel faster. Often it is seen that consumers and market experts start speculating about their next release as soon as one iPhone hits the market. Thus it was no wonder that people were talking about iPhone6 even before the 5S entered the market. In fact many anticipated […]

  • Samsung, Jawbone, Fitbit, Gopro, Basis from Amazon Wearable
    Posted in: Mobile

    It may not be the complete indicator that wearable tech has arrived at long last, however Amazon’s declaration that it has included a different segment its webpage only for wearable innovation does demonstrate the class is picking up visibility. Amazon has propelled a Wearable Technology segment on its website. The organization portrayed its new sub-store […]

  • Find Out the features of One (M8) vs Galaxy S5 vs Xperia Z2
    Posted in: Mobile

    In today’s fast paced market of gadgets and devices, every company is dreaming to become number one. There are so many mobile phones, laptops and Pcs introduced that the customer is completely perplex which one to buy and which one not. Recently, three big brands HTC, Samsung and Sony Xperia introduce their hi-tech devices in […]

  • LG G3 Before The End Of June
    Posted in: Mobile

    With so many astonishing launches of electronics and gadgets, finally LG Officially confirmed the release of LG G3 before the June end. In the official document, the name has been added as the next flagship handset that is expected to play a role in improving the sale of the devices in the second quarter. Just […]

  • Nod Bluetooth diamond ring could easily be the “next big thing” in technology
    Posted in: Mobile

    Californian firms Nod Labs have recently introduced an intelligent ring that allows its user to regulate multiple products by uncomplicated hand signals. It’s the most sophisticated gesture manage ring that allows you to engage objects out of your movements as though by magic. Although it’s not the first Bluetooth ring on the market it would […]

  • Acer Aspire Switch 10
    Posted in: Mobile

    Recently, Acer, the world class manufacturer of PCs and laptops, announced the actual Aspire Switch 10 tablet. The particular Windows 8. 1-powered 10-inch tablet features a magnetically-attached optionally available “Acer Snap Hinge” connect that lets the consumer switch between with the device to be a standalone tablet or maybe a more standard laptop. Normally this […]

  • Moto 360. Motorola smart watch
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    Smart gadgets and devices have made our life easier and comfortable. Large portions of the smart watches that are presently accessible in the business have a square/rectangular face, which is not what most individuals need to wear on their wrist. In case you’re a watch individual, you’d most likely need your watch to have a […]

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