• This is just beginning of racing quadcopters
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    Drone racing quadcopters is the new buzzword, as most of the drone lovers are all set to take up their passion for flying. From Australia, to UK and the US, no one seems to be untouched with the Game of Drones. Racing quadcopters(mostly) events are growing in number, and the competitions are only getting fierce. […]

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles mapping found good use in emergency response, agriculture and environmental industry
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    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are not just meant for the activities at war field, but now modified for much peaceful usages. The usages include spraying crops, clicking images of crop fields beyond spectrum or capturing a bird’s-eye view of the flooded areas. Storm hit the Edinburg area recently which filled the local houses with water. […]

  • GoPro: stocks overview, after announcement to make quadcopters
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    Since the announcement of GoPro’s aim to create a quadcopter and six GoPro Hero cameras for spherical shots at one go, the company stocks has been mostly rising. Nick Woodman (company CEO) had declared the development by end of 2016. There have been instances when the company stocks saw a downward trend briefly. However, in […]

  • Extreme Fliers Back in News with Micro Drone 3.0
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    Extreme Fliers return this time with a Micro Drone 3.0 quadcopter that is linked with Meerkat. This miniature gadget will not just capture high quality videos, but also live stream it to Meerkat directly. Extreme Fliers, therefore we hear, are up and moving with their crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo to raise $75,000. According to […]

  • Parrot Drone Ventures into the Agricultural Industry
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    The French manufacturer of recreational drones seems to be on a roll since the past few months. Parrot, once again showed their devilish penchant for acquisition this Monday, on June 15th by taking over an establishment which is known for manufacturing devices in the field of agriculture. It’s the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market which […]

  • Custom build your own quadcopter
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    All thanks to a new startup named, Skyworks Aerial Systems who have come with a concept of Build your own customized drone in three easy steps? Yes, you heard it right. These are Quadcopter Drone kits which you can simply assemble and there you go! So what else is different? The gizmo can hear smell, […]

  • Drones for hunting wild quarry – Falconry receives a boost
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    The concept of falconry is indeed intriguing. A trained bird of prey is used to hunt wild preys in their natural state and habitat. Those who are falconry enthusiasts know very well that this is an art which demands hours of dedication, time, energy, finesse and skill. Now this ancient art form is going to receive a tech boost and that too in the form of drones.

  • Drones for hunting and fishing outlawed in Oregon
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    Drone news is coming up almost on daily basis and many of this is not even related to war or disaster. The recent spotlight has been on the topic related to drones used for hunting. The Wildlife departments of quite a few States in America have already expressed concern over using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for […]

  • A Smartwatch that becomes the center of mobile universe
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    The Neptune Duo Smartwatch launched recently, came up with the concept of it being a central hub, which is powerful enough to run apps, take calls, and send messages. The hub lets you control a secondary slave Smartphone, and not the other way round. This was only the beginning of Neptune’s Duo plan. Now, it […]

  • Smart Running Shoes to hit the track soon
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    The wearable market receives another boost today. As per Reuters, the Chinese company Li Ning Co Ltd which is a reliable name in the athletic shoes and sporting goods manufacturing segment is teaming up with Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi. They aim to produce a new generation of “smart” running shoes this year. This is looked […]

  • Keep an eye on these exciting Apple Watch Apps
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    image:Apple News about Apple Watch is pouring in almost every day. The week started with announcements regarding the Watch price, battery life and connectivity. The Apps segment might disappoint Apple lovers who are accustomed with wide options offered by the iPhone right now. Still there will be plenty to ensure a diverse experience for users. […]

  • Customized wearable for every foot- the project receives funding
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    Do you ever ponder why your favorite shoe brand can’t sell footwear that perfectly matches your feet size? The digital cobbler company Feetz, which makes customized footwear using 3D printing technique, aims at achieving this objective precisely. ‘A shoe for every foot’, that’s what the company motto is. Now that they have received support from […]

  • Latest updates on Sensoria’s Health Sensing Wearables
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    Wearable activity monitors are recently in the news. It is expected that these will have a greater impact on mobile health and digital technology in coming days. The only thing is that these wearables are still not available in such fashion so that people can wear it to flaunt their style quotient! Sensoria, a recognized […]

  • Smartwatches that promise longer battery life got displayed in MWC 2015
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    The Mobile World Congress 2015 has gone through its share of hits and misses. While few major brands disappointed their supporters by not coming up with expected announcements, some new entities have managed to spring surprises in the wearable segment. It’s indeed promising to note that smaller companies have been able to show off innovative […]

  • More Wearables and Low-Cost Phones form Motorola
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    Rick Osterloh, President and Chief Operating Officer at Motorola Mobility The Mobile World Congress now going on at Barcelona is experiencing exchange of views by luminaries and innovators almost every day. They are sharing their visions on mobile technology which is expected to transform the way people interact in future. Today the limelight was on […]

  • Solar-Powered Drones from Google to Hit Airspace Soon
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    Google’s Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai on 2015 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on March 2, 2015. An official announcement has come from Google about launching of its first solar-powered drone program Project Titan. The plan is there to send its first fleet into the sky sometime very soon this year. The Senior Vice […]

  • Atmel’s New Xplained Board Ideal for (IoT) Prototyping Projects
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    Atmel Corporate Headquarters San Jose, CA Internet-of-Things (IoT) and wearables have received another boost today as Atmel Corporation comes up with a new extension board for the company’s highly popular Xplained platform. This would encourage inventors to try out more unique designs in next-generation wearables and IoT applications. The announcement came at the Embedded World […]

  • Tokenization Service to be Launched by Visa Europe this Summer
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    Visa Europe a respected name in the payment business which has remained at the forefront of technologies so as to introduce new, easier and safer payment options is all set to debut a new mobile payments service from April onwards. As per today’s Press Release, the new service will tokenize payment card data. This is […]

  • The NYC Council Member Proposes Ban on Commercial Drone
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    Drone operation is in the news recently, some of which are good but some news are not-so comfortable. Crashing of a hobbyist drone on the White House lawn put many in embarrassing situation. Thus many are left wondering whether drone operated by anyone can really pry into their privacy! Today the NYC Council Member has […]

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