• Latest FPV racing quadcopter kits
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    Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, you always need the best for your creation. But of course, there are times when you find yourself lost in the pool of kits offered by various brands. Therefore, we have come up with a list of some of the latest FPV kits for racing mini […]

  • Important parts and cost of DIY racing quadcopter project
    Posted in: Reviews

    FPV racing, is quickly gaining momentum among the drone fanatics across the globe. Though at a very nascent stage, it’s the speed and the adventure that’s catching up with the enthusiasts. Isn’t it fun to match the speed of your DIY racing mini quad with your buddy’s? The racing quadcopter scenario has only grown over […]

  • Navdy Helps Keep Your Head up and Eyes on Road While Driving
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    If you are a seasoned driver then you must have heard the term ‘distracted driving’. According to figures released by United States Department of Transportation, individuals who read or send text messages while driving are at 23% greater risk of getting involved in car crashes as compared to other drivers. The study further says that […]

  • Skulpt Aim Provides an Accurate Body Fat Percentage
    Posted in: Reviews

    We have seen an upsurge of Jawbone, Fitbit and Garmin in the fitness tracker category previous year. The year 2015 is expected to be an eventful and promising one for health enthusiasts as a specialized fitness gadget Skulpt Aim hits shelves with a price tag of $199.99. The device first came into limelight on becoming […]

  • Sony Launches SmartWatch 3 SWR50
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    If you have lost patience waiting for Apple’s iWatch then here’s some good news! While Apple kept stealing limelight, the Japanese electronics giant Sony made a slow but steady progress. According to latest news, Sony Smartwatch 3 is all set to hit the shelves this week. The latest addition to Sony line will be a […]

  • Skully AR-1 Revolutionizes Conventional Helmet Concept
    Posted in: News, Reviews

    A helmet with Heads-Up Display and voice recognition sounds interesting? This is what Skully offers. Wearing this sleek black helmet with aerodynamic fin, you might feel like the Ironman! So, if you are looking for an unparalleled riding experience then Skully is the helmet to put on. It just can’t be defined in a single […]

  • Best Car Tech to Prevent Your Vehicle from being Stolen
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    Every car owner will agree that the car is much more than just a means of transport. If some feel driving car is almost like a stress busting exercise many treasure their vehicles as one of the precious possessions that they have managed to achieve. So, how one would feel if this piece of his […]

  • Brain Hacking Device, Will it be a Boon or Curse to the Society
    Posted in: Reviews

    Hacking is the term which people commonly associate with a computer system or mobile gadget. However, this concept is changing fast. Right now, news doing the round is that even brainwaves can be hacked. Imagine a machine which can remotely read your mind or analyze brainwaves to see what you are thinking. If this already […]

  • Car Technologies Expected to Hit the Market in 2015
    Posted in: Likeminded, Reviews

    Car technology is growing by leaps and bounds. While 2014 remains quite an eventful year, automakers have greater plans for upcoming 2015. Be it light-weight aluminum body which helps enhance fuel efficiency or Google Glass enabled interactive automobile systems, buyers’ platter will be full with wide variety of interesting options. It can be said that […]

  • Wi-Fi Reflection Technology
    Posted in: Likeminded, Reviews

    The world of technology is growing so fast that sometimes it becomes really difficult to fathom what lies ahead! Can you imagine living in a world where battery-free wristwatch or household gadgets directly communicates with the doctor or dietician, updating him about your health condition on daily basis? What about battery-free sensors for your home […]

  • Google Smart Contact Lens for Diabetics
    Posted in: News, Reviews

    Diabetes is often considered a silent killer as it gradually starts affecting different body organs once your body fails to produce adequate insulin. What is indeed worrying is that your precious eyes can get affected too because of diabetes. Figures released by American Diabetes Association say that around 382 million people around the world are […]

  • Epson Moverio BT-200
    Posted in: Reviews

    We live in an age driven by technology and gadgets. Every day a new product equipped with user friendly technology is getting released. People are on the move and need to do so much while moving. If you are a tech-savvy buyer then you must have heard of the Google Glass and its multiple uses. […]

  • 7 Best Robotic Lawnmowers that Help Enhance Aesthetic Appeal of Garden Spaces
    Posted in: Reviews

    Imagine few silent, efficient and sleek pods gliding through your lawn and feeding on grass tips. Then they return to recharge their batteries before heading back to the field. Does this sound too good an idea? Not really so! Robotic lawnmower is now a reality which many households are availing of to keep their gardens […]

  • Latest Boating Technologies for Your Next Venture
    Posted in: Reviews, Shared Passion

    Deep blue water of the sea always has somewhat sinister appeal that inspires imagination of many. With its repository of secrets, sea has attracted scores of sailors. While few have successfully discovered some underwater secrets many have failed due to lack of knowledge and technology. Now that technology has advanced so much, a range of […]

  • Before Teleportation We Have Telepresence
    Posted in: Reviews

    If you have become accustomed to boarding economy class of a no-frill airline every alternate day, because you need to personally attend a stuffy convention the very next morning, then here is a piece of good news! Virtual Presence System is available now to ease your worry. It doesn’t matter where you are at a […]

  • Get Multitasking Under Control
    Posted in: Reviews

    Multitasking is a very common term nowadays, considering the fact that many of us lead hectic lifestyles. Be it working on computer, doing household chores or completing an important project in office, many times people tend to multitask without realizing whether this is putting additional stress on their brains or not. With evolving technology, now […]

  • Must Have High End Fitness Trackers
    Posted in: Reviews

    Staying fit is no more difficult. With wearable fitness trackers your daily fitness routine can become quite interesting. These uniquely designed trackers keep track of how many steps you have walked a day, how many floors you have climbed or how much calories you have burnt. Be it any sports activity like running, swimming or […]

  • Your Kitchen Will Never be the Same
    Posted in: Reviews

    A hi-tech kitchen has become a mandatory inclusion for modern households. As technology has intruded every aspect of daily life, how could your kitchen escape from its clutches! Thus it is no wonder that high-tech kitchen appliances and machines are in demand in the hospitality sector and also in middle to high income households. Engineering […]

  • Turn Your Home into a Futuristic with Electrical Outlets
    Posted in: Reviews

    When it comes to replacing switchboards or sockets, people seldom give these a thought. Most households have this impression that switchboards are nothing but some boring electrical fixtures, used to switch on lights, fans and other electrical gadgets. Rightly so, but nowadays you can introduce some high-tech glamour to your boring home décor with few […]

  • Transform Your Car Dashboard into Mobile
    Posted in: Reviews

    Mobile technology has completely transformed the way you drive your car. In this age of car dashboard apps, you can streamline and simplify overall operation of the vehicle. Be it finding the best parking lot, tracing cheapest gas station, deciding the shortest route or even booking table while heading for dinner; all these and much […]

  • Acer Aspire Switch 10
    Posted in: Reviews

    Acer Aspire Switch 10 which was unveiled last month is all set to give Lenovo’s Yoga tablets a tough competition. Being driven by the desire to introduce something distinct, Acer has packed in the ‘four-in-one’ concept in this device. Thus the Aspire is designed to perform as a tablet, laptop, and many other in-between forms. […]

  • Apple MacBook Air 2014 – An Ultraportable Laptop that Comes with Lower Price Tag
    Posted in: Reviews

    The new version of MacBook Air hits the online store. Featuring a faster processor along with reasonable price decrease, this product will surely draw consumers towards it. However the initial excitement may die soon once the user discovers there is nothing that special which can distinguish this product from its predecessors. Firstly it should be […]

  • HP Slatebook 14 Android Laptop
    Posted in: Reviews

    HP, a world class laptop and PC manufacturers always come up with astonishing launches. After successfully catering and accomplishing the needs of tech savvy, according to a video revealed, the brand is coming soon with a new laptop. A shrouded video (installed underneath) found on HP’s site by Notebook Italia shows off HP’s approaching Slate […]

  • Apple iPhone 6 release date and specs- rumors about doing the round
    Posted in: Mobile, Reviews

    When it comes to Apple iPhone releases, rumors travel faster. Often it is seen that consumers and market experts start speculating about their next release as soon as one iPhone hits the market. Thus it was no wonder that people were talking about iPhone6 even before the 5S entered the market. In fact many anticipated […]

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