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  • Few outdated technologies which people still use
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    As the saying goes, “old is gold”, this is very much applicable in case of few old devices that surprisingly haven’t become extinct yet. Let’s take a peek into some of these devices which still follow outdated technologies. 1. Radio – It came into existence in the late 19th century and is playing till now […]

  • Wearable tech to improve eye health – study
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    It is indeed alarming to note that around 2.2 million Americans are fighting a serious eye disease called glaucoma. Thus a routine eye checkup has become mandatory for most. What an eye specialist does is keep track of internal optic pressure (IOP) and suggest remedies accordingly. Till date, keeping IOP on check is the only […]

  • Recent brain researches that aim at simplifying its complexities
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    Brain, considered to be the most complicated part of human body still remains an enigma to scientists and medical professionals. This is the organ which assists in carrying out very simple daily activities like, seeing, identifying a person/place or interacting with strangers. Then this body part is the root cause of excessive worry or tension […]

  • LEGO ideas to inspire low-cost Bio-technology or Chemistry experiments
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    Scientists, especially from the fields of chemistry, engineering and bio-technology are working on unique ideas and equipments to come up with interesting and effective solutions for different situations. Take for instance the microfluidic system which is typically used to produce integrated circuits for the electronics industry. Quite understandably this is a crucial engineering device.

  • RFID tags may help robots to recognize objects
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    Mobile robotics is the latest buzzword doing rounds in tech world. Imagine a robot which can move around, find objects or assist people with disabilities. This is exactly what researchers at Georgia Tech have achieved. They have combined a self-propelled robot, RFID tags and long-distance scanners to devise a method of reliably locating objects in […]

  • Wearable devices for better running performance
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    Fitness awareness remains the key mantra for the year 2015. As health consciousness spreads among all age groups, companies are leaving no stone unturned to come up with advanced fitness wearables. This is because consumers have learn to appreciate potential of wearable technology to enhance physical capabilities. Many fitness conscious consumers have already shifted to […]

  • New Generation of Computers, Mobiles Phones and GPS system
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    Technology is expanding at rapid pace which is going to make an immense impact on the electronic space like computer, cell phones and GPS system. Several research projects are going on right now, some of which has already given promising results. Continue reading to know how the new generation of computers, mobiles phones and GPS […]

  • Gears and Gadgets with Star Wars Theme
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    Are you a die-hard fan of the space opera series and have religiously seen all their film adaptations? If Yoda is the one you worship and adore and secretly imagine yourself as a Jedi, the guardian of peace, then the world has just become a brighter place for you! On popular demand, for there are […]

  • E-Whiskers that Make the Robot Sensitive to Surroundings
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    Optical image of a fully fabricated e-whisker array A robot which can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ its surrounding! Sounds improbable? Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley and Berkeley Lab have made this impossible task plausible by devising robots which are endowed with ability to ‘feel’ and ‘see’. Thanks to Nanotechnology which has already given electronic […]

  • Best Sports Cameras for Varied Sports Categories
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    Those who are sports enthusiast must be aware of the importance of having a good sports camera. This is one gadget which captures your precious sports moments even when you are running, hiking or swimming. So, if you want to relive those thrilling moments, a sports camera is a must-have accessory. Many have this idea […]

  • Are Heavy Duty Phone Cases Worth the Cost?
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    You have purchased a brand new phone. The very next thing you look for is a scratch-proof phone case. But here is the relevant question; do these two measures completely eliminate risks related to the phone damage? From time to time you must have heard comments from acquaintances that their sturdy phone cases protected the […]

  • The Five Unusual Apps for Your Google Glass
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    The release of Google Glass few years back, took technological advancements to the next level. Google Glass is undoubtedly a sophisticated wearable tech that everyone wants to own. So, if you are the lucky one to own it already or planning to buy one soon, here’s a list of five most unusual and coolest applications […]

  • Dangers Associated with Night Cycling and How to Avoid these
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    Night cycling is something which people try to avoid because of several hazards associated with it. Routes which seem quite simple and easily traversable appear alien and dangerous at night. In fact, there are many expert cyclers who would truly hesitate to saddle up for a moonlight roll. However, there are emergency situations when people […]

  • Bedroom of the Future 2020 Emerging Trends
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    In recent years, home decoration has gone through several interesting changes. Nowadays, each part of the home is conceptualized as a separate entity and the decoration is done accordingly. The fascinating thing about bedroom is that it is no more looked upon as just a room to sleep. Rather, it has evolved into a comfortable […]

  • Latest Boating Technologies for Your Next Venture
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    Deep blue water of the sea always has somewhat sinister appeal that inspires imagination of many. With its repository of secrets, sea has attracted scores of sailors. While few have successfully discovered some underwater secrets many have failed due to lack of knowledge and technology. Now that technology has advanced so much, a range of […]

  • Rent a Car in Different Way
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    A car is not only a mode of transport but it is also a way of showcasing your style and status. The only thing is that maintaining this status can be pricey and sometimes troublesome too. Regular maintenance, excessive fuel costs and many other factors often force car owners to think of alternate solutions. Many […]

  • Five Recipes that Make Avocado Unhealthy
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    There are many ways to define avocado and its health benefits. However, words which best suit this fruit are luxuriously rich and deliciously creamy that reminds you of butter! Packed with protein and mono-unsaturated fat, this fruit takes care of your ‘good’ HDL cholesterol level. If you have this idea that avocado taken in whatever […]

  • Websites for Crochet Beginners
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    You’re a crochet beginner and usually have to struggle with dozens of matrix-like charts, or you are taught by your friends, but as soon as they’re away, you immediately forget everything you’ve just learn it.

  • Poppy seeds and drug test, facts and figures that you may not know
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    Poppy seed is a kidney-shaped oilseed used as a flavorsome ingredient in many dishes such as muffin, rusk, bagel, pasta. However, it also contains potential danger of causing false drug addiction that can deceive drug tests. So let’s look at some facts and figures of poppy seeds and drug tests to protect your health better. […]

  • Urban Foraging: Green Food from Mother Nature
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    Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see people who go along streets to find out some kind of small weeds for the dinner salads. They are foragers on the hunt for wild food. Recently, urban foraging has become more popular with city dwellers. It should not only be only defined as recovering useable goods rejected […]

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