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EEDU is an easy-to-use and programmable quadcopter drone kit. CREDIT: Skyworks Aerial Systems

EEDU easy-to-use and programmable quadcopter drone kit. CREDIT: Skyworks Aerial Systems

All thanks to a new startup named, Skyworks Aerial Systems who have come with a concept of Build your own customized drone in three easy steps? Yes, you heard it right. These are Quadcopter Drone kits which you can simply assemble and there you go! So what else is different? The gizmo can hear smell, and what’s more, it even lets you play laser tag!
According to Skyworks Aerial Systems on their domain page, Eedu, drones can be more than just aerial cameras. Skyworks CEO, Jinger Zeng wants even other makers to be inspired from this concept and come up with drones that use all five senses.

The fact that it can be assembled is definitely a heads on, so just some grit and an allen wrench is all what you need to build the DIY quadcopter drone. As per Jinger Zeng, it takes around half an hour to build the drone. He adds that their whole aim is to do away with the complicated neural networks, or robotics in the process, and still building a drone on your own.

Some of the other well-known drone makers claim that even their latest products are platforms. While both 3D Robotics and DJI possess developer platforms for their sophisticated quadcopter drone models, the mechanics is still bound to the concept of cameras and the catapults.

On the other hand, the Eedu concept does not feature cameras, but just the sensors which the company (Skyworks) wants the customers to observe and analyze.
Skyworks, with its new concept Eedu, wants the users to have the entire control of their drone.

The gadget will fly like any other drone once assembled correctly; however, Skyworks has left the option open for the users, so that they can even write a code on their own to make the drone perform in their way. So even if you are not a pro in coding, you can simply download a code if you find someone has created for Eedu and add it your drone! It could not have been better than this.

To make things even easier for the users, Skyworks has designed a laser tag game show, which explains what codes should be used for the Eedu. In the meantime, the CEO anticipates multiple operations of the machine apart from the self-coding, such as, detect emission by adding Geiger reverse, convert the gizmo into a coal mine canary by attaching a methane sensor, Fireman can use heat sensors with it to find the exact location of the victims rather than getting into the fire themselves, or simply make an uncontrolled drone afresh.

As the Eedu is accordant with open-source sensor platforms, you can build a flying quadcopter model of something that it’s able to sense. According to Zeng, users will also be able to create their quadcopter drones by creating a 3D print of their desirable layout or even use a 3D customized layout of their own. This will be possible due to the open-sourced design of the Eedu components.

Skyworks Aerial Systems is introducing the Eedu on their web page, Kickstarter, while they wish to see their organization grow in the future based on the quadcopter drone concepts. The Eedu model is priced at $449 in the pre-order stage, or if you donate it to a student it will be for $399. The Eedu makers foresee the manufacturing to kick-off in September 2015 and start shipping by January 2016, if initiative is well supported.
Source: Qz by Mike Murphy

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