DIY banana peel teeth whitening for brighter smile

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Planning to visit a dentist to remove those yellow stains from your teeth? Then why not try out something on your own at home! Simple, economical and without any adverse side effects, banana peel teeth whitening works like a charm! You don’t need to explore the market to find basic ingredients since ripe yellow bananas are easily available. While you enjoy this naturally sweet delicious fruit in your desert, make better use of the peel by converting it into teeth whitener.

When it comes to DIY home remedies, opinions vary from person to person. If some prefer to stick to natural methods many would like to run to medical practitioners even for minor health problems. However, the good thing is that more and more individuals are becoming aware of goodness of DIY treatments. Take for instance teeth whitening. A dentist would apply chemicals to bleach your which might result in abrasion. On the other hand, banana peel teeth whitening process is perfectly natural and does no harm to your precious teeth. Here is how you can practice it at home:

Use a ripe banana only which is rich in potassium.

While peeling, make sure that you are doing it from the bottom end. This gives you a perfect peel without those banana threads. Now, cut out a small piece of the inside of the peel and gently rub it along your teeth. Do this process slowly, at least for 2 minutes, so that your complete tooth set is rubbed thoroughly by the material inside the peel. The process is advised to carry out slowly so that your teeth fully absorb all those essential minerals present inside the peel. Finally brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly. Then look in the mirror with a bright and white smile!

Before trying out banana peel teeth whitening, you should know what minerals banana peel contains that makes it so effective! Firstly you get very high amounts of Potassium, Manganese and Magnesium from ripe banana that help remove stains and make your teeth whiter. Also there is good amount of calcium and Vitamin D which strengthen your teeth set.

Rather than believing on hoaxes regarding banana peel teeth whitening, it is advisable to follow facts. As nicely explained via whiten your teeth with banana peel , it is not only teeth whitening but banana peels serve many other purposes. That way buying a banana means you enjoy the tasty and healthy fruit and at the same time, you make maximum use of its peel too.

After reading till now if you have decided to try banana peel teeth whitening at home, then naturally you would like to know the outcome too. It is indeed interesting to note opinion of those who have already tried this natural remedy. Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, Banana peel for whiter teeth, you need to continue with this procedure for at least 2 weeks to get the desired result. It is even better if you can keep applying banana peel for a long term to maintain strong and white tooth set.

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