Dumb Security Lapses in Smart Homes

smart home
Imagine entering your home and the light switches on automatically, the air conditioner turns on its own and the music system starts humming your favorite tunes! Yes, a smart home can make all these and much more possible. As technology keeps evolving, smart homes have become the latest craze. Working couples, single parents or elders prefer such homes which demand minimum personal involvement.

Even when away from home, you can control certain things from your laptop or mobile phone. Then it is not only about leading a comfortable daily life but you can be sure of medical and emergency assistances, whenever needed. Home automation users feel most comfortable with one fact that their homes are better secured than households with manual lock-and-key systems. Everything appears just perfect till the date the homeowner finds to his utter dismay the front door is not unlocking in spite of providing the right password! Security experts are of the opinion that if an automated home lets you enjoy various technical advancements it also springs unpleasant surprises from time to time.

Your smart home may get hacked anytime

If you are proud to own an automated home then prepare yourself to face its vagaries too. Unscrupulous elements are lurking out there waiting for slight chances to pounce on your automated home. All the confidential home information which you think are secure with the service provider might get tampered anytime thus jeopardizing your full-proof home security system. In case you home’s video surveillance feeds fall in wrong hands then the hacker will be able to monitor every bit of your home.

You need to be tech-savvy

Owning an automated home is not easy. If you don’t have any interest in technology then you might find it tough to operate automated door locks, CCTVs or other such systems. If you are not confident handling these devices then this might lead to security errors. Then you need to be aware of changing home automation trends, in order to incorporate these into own home. Also you have to be confident in handling little bit technical errors now and then.

Technology comes at a cost

If you are planning to install state-of-the-art features inside the home then be prepared to loosen your purse string. Devices like wireless cameras, central touch screen, light sensors, etc. come with expensive price tags. Further, you should be prepared to maintain and/or repair these devices in time to prevent any security lapse.

How to take prudent decisions while implementing home automation techniques?

Reading till home if you feel that everything is negative about a smart home then it is actually not so. Home automation has its pros and cons, provided you have taken a prudent decision and entrusted the right company with the job. If not comfortable with complete automation then request for a balance of conventional and smart home techniques.

Finally, talk to a reliable service provider, explain your home requirements and request for the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution. Do thoroughly verify the company’s claims and track records before finalizing the home automation deal.

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