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Running a lot of auctions simultaneously and even bidding in a several, could be overwhelming

As a rookie I was lost with few auctions. I didn’t know what to do first what next, completely off the game.

Your eBay feature is not only a way to track auctions activity, but also a way to personalize your eBay experience. Set of pages that you customize to your own personal preferences to track your own bidding and selling activity in your own way.

My choice and I highly recommend you as well, take advantage of this useful feature.

Here is the one good thing I found useful for “about me” page IMAGES. check it out COOL IMAGES


Basically when you set visibility on, potential bidders will see a little bit about you.

About Me page is a personal page just for you. HTML coding is optional It’s easy to create. It also lets you show other users your current auctions, most recent feedback, and interesting items you’ve found online. Probably you have more ideas for yourself.

eBay uses a few of templates, and there is sufficient personalization available to make your About Me page as you wish.

What if you don’t have a idea how is going to look your page. There is a cure for that. Just search other users and see how their “About Me” page look like. Easy right.

Click on Find Members to display the Find Members page scroll down to the bottom of the page to search for “About Me” pages by user ID.

What I like about the “About Me” page is that it’s a page with a personal URL that always lists your current auctions. When you want to direct other users to your eBay auctions, it’s easier to direct them to your “About Me” page than it is to enter the individual URLs for all your item listing pages.

I would say as a blog it’s your page, but don’t get too excited it’s just a page.

The address for your “About Me” URL is shown in the address bar of your Web browser. It’s a great way to promote your online auction on indirect way.

You can then insert this URL into your personal Web page, your email signature, or any other contact and promote on social media.

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