Few outdated technologies which people still use

As the saying goes, “old is gold”, this is very much applicable in case of few old devices that surprisingly haven’t become extinct yet. Let’s take a peek into some of these devices which still follow outdated technologies.

1. Radio – It came into existence in the late 19th century and is playing till now in many households. Interestingly enough, radio has a devoted fan following among elders and army personnel. This is quite a handy device when it comes to staying updated with regional news. Of course not to forget the instant entertainment that radio offers!

2. Filament bulb – In the age of energy efficient CFLs, traditional filament bulbs still enjoy a significant market share.

3. Beepers – Surprising enough but beepers are still used because as inexpensive alternatives to pricey cell phones.

4. Landline – In this era of instant communication via cell phones and internet, landlines still come handy when a quick conversation is to be made. You won’t feel the pinch even if the conversation extends for over an hour.

5. Dial up network – Around 4% American adults get online via dial up network. Yes, this is happening in spite of thriving broadband networks.

6. Non smart cell phones – In this era of touch phones with smart facilities, many users prefer primitive phones for various reasons. Apart from convenience, people cite user-friendliness and durability as other reasons for sticking to conventional cell phones.

7. Alarm clock – The first thing sighted in the morning, alarm clocks don’t emit harmful radiation that affects your brain even if it is placed near your bed. It does not need careful handling like delicate smart phones. High-pitched alarm clock serves the ultimate purpose of waking you up in time.

8. Fax – Even in this digital age, fax machines are widely used in many offices for easy exchange of confidential information.

9. Dot matrix printer – Even though priced higher than the least expensive inkjet printer, why dot-matrix is still having a dedicated fan following, is anybody’s guess!

10. CRT TV – In spite of several drawbacks, many American households are even now spending money on CRT TVs, apparently for kids’ entertainment.

11. Calculator – Very few modern devices can compete with the handiness of a calculator. This is one technology which will be in vogue for a longer period.

12. Rolls of film – Considering the fact that so many modern clicking techniques have come up in recent years, why Americans are yet buying rolls of film is really hard to fathom!

13. Typewriter – It started clattering in 1847 and hasn’t stopped yet. Modern computers have not been able to replace conventional typewriters completely. Typewriters are still widely used in government or legal offices and at press.

14. Vinyl record – They surely have a vintage charm! Digital downloads and CDs have not been able to suppress the LP market.

15. Air coolers – Cheaper, easy to install and relatively energy efficient, many households even now prefer them over air conditioners.

While some of these backdated technologies may take a backseat in coming years, few of them will be able to maintain their footholds because of usefulness, affordability and antique flavour that they still exude.

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