Free Rss News Feeds or Not? Alternative for Google reader!

Free rss news feeds are become really popular, every morning you want to check just top stories headlines, about technology, science, and business. Content it’s not priority you need quick look, morning multitasking just reading headlines.
Yes, you know what I am going to talk about.
Rss readers and free rss news feeds I am using every morning, truth is that I am addicted on that services like most of people. You wonder like me why Google going to retire Google reader far more popular service then Gmail or Gplus, you will hear lot of stories truth only Google know.

I have bigger issue, need to think about replacement. Alright, you want to move free rss news feeds from Greader, that means you are looking web based alternative for Google reader.
I tested old reader in visually look like Greader, but you could use only mobile app. It’s not real solution. Before I dive I would like to divide on Mobile and Desktop only.

Mobile free rss news feeds you are read with your ipad or Android tablet. I found lot of mobile readers and appearance it’s not even close to Google reader. On top of that you need to add rich site summary individually. Some of them are close but you have to subscribe. If you will to subscribe it is not cheap. Your favorite reader might be mobile apps, reading while you drive could be really uncomfortable.

Desktop readers provide free rss news feeds on different ways appearance, and functionality. Apple and PC users I would put in same category. You will see variety out there but you want to find your favorite. I am looking for similar appearance and same format to import my feeds from Greader.
Top stories on desktop readers look better, I like full control and bigger display.
I feel better and those headlines have different meaning to me.
You got the point.

Alternative for Google reader

Alternative for Google reader and free rss news feeds is Digg, Yes you heard right. Digg is about to replace famous Greader. Digg been online long time so far they do good job. History about Digg promise that new Digg reader is going to be alternative for Google reader. Digg going to launch Reader on June 26 that exactly week before Greader goes offline.
They talk exactly what you need free rss news feeds, fast and simple.
Wow, just two words!
New reader will be available as mobile and desktop version.
What I heard from company, they will spending the summer and fall building out reader feature set for users. Clean and uncluttered design it is basics with solid backend infrastructure.
Next step is obvious, pick your favorite free rss news feeds, top stories headlines about technology, science and business keep them ready. Alternative for Google reader will be your next favorite content reader.

Hourly updated headlines, reviews and press release in your e-mail it is today standard if you want to stay informed. Morning rituals while you read rich site summary content it is new habit and only way to get fresh free rss news feeds.

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