GoPro: stocks overview, after announcement to make quadcopters

GPRO stocks  CREDIT: Yahoo finance

GPRO stocks CREDIT: Yahoo finance

Since the announcement of GoPro’s aim to create a quadcopter and six GoPro Hero cameras for spherical shots at one go, the company stocks has been mostly rising. Nick Woodman (company CEO) had declared the development by end of 2016. There have been instances when the company stocks saw a downward trend briefly.

However, in June 2015 the company stock increased by 5.42% maintaining the positive trend. While the GoPro stocks recorded a growth of 2.3% on June 3rd, they hit the best stock figure ever of $61 by mid-June. The gain was mainly due to the positive financial results of their supplier Ambrella on June 2nd, reported during the first-quarter of the financial year 2016. The company stocks of GoPro closed at $58.28 on June 18th, which was 1.22% down from the previous results. With this, GoPro gained market assets of $7.94 billion, and a range of $28.65-$98.47 over 52 weeks. As per reports, GoPro has around 89.4 million shares pending in the market.

In May this year, GoPro has announced its plans to develop a quadcopter of its own. The drone will be target  aerial photography with the help of GoPro cameras. Till now, GoPro has been making videography cameras for drones. So, according to CEO Nick Woodman, it was time that they get going into the business on their own. In the meantime, GoPro seems to face some tough competition from its biggest competitor, Parrot.

By launching 13 new low priced mini drones recently, Parrot has created a fierce competition in the drone market. The mini drones range by Parrot comprise of Jumping Drone, Airborne Drone, and Hydrofoil Drone. On the other hand, GoPro intends to create a combination of drone embed with a high quality camera.

Monoprice has recently come up with a new action camera, MHD Sport 2.0 Wi-Fi. The camera has the same features as the GoPro Hero+, however, the difference lies in their price. While the GoPro Hero+ is tagged at a price of $300, Monoprice is offering the action camera with exactly the same features, at a price of only $200. The only glitch here is that both the cameras are missing the 4K video shot feature.

Sharon Zezima (Corporate Secretary & General Counsel of GoPro) sold all her 6000 shares. The 6000 shares that she sold was her entire shareholding in the company. Zezima sell off her entire stake in just two transactions. She sold them off on June 15th at a per share price of $57.41 and $57.97. In the meanwhile, we wait for the much awaited GoPro quadcopter that has been promised by the end of next year.

Many drone users attach the GoPro cameras on their third-party drones for superior effect. Hence, the launch of GoPro’s own drone along with their high-quality cameras calls for some excitement for the drone users. GoPro has not yet disclosed the pricing of the quadcopters they are going to develop. According to Woodman the drones will be available in the market in the second half of 2016.

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