Hang Gliding vs Paragliding, two incredibly fantastic sports to practice

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Let’s imagine only you and no one else are hovering like the eagles and hawks in the boundless blue sky. Looking down the ground dotted with tiny beautiful houses, trees, fields, roads, etc. as if you were a king freely enjoying the majestic patchwork of the creator. How cool it is! But is that something just appearing in your dream? No, you can definitely have that feeling in the real life if you practice two incredibly trendy and fantastic sports, paragliding and hang gliding.

Paragliding: having fun with a not so complicated sport.

In general, paragliding is a highly entertaining and extreme sport that used a fabric parachute-like wing, also known as canopy to fly in the sky from such high places as a mountain. It is not so intricate sport that you can easily and conversantly fly within a few first lessons instructed by experienced instructors. Sitting supine in a seated harness, get ready and then launch your feet are exactly what you have to do. What’s more, paragliding is also a form of entertainment that can help you get your adrenalin going offhand by suspending your body in the middle of nowhere. Yay!

The level of difficulty in paragliding escalates based on the height you want to start and the distance you wish to fly. The most fundamental level is to simply fly from top of a hill to its bottom, and the toughest is to gain thousands of feet of altitude and conquer long distances like across a country with the maximum speed up to 60 km/h. Feel excited and cannot wait to try? Right on, let’s depart your flights. But remember that despite its easiness, paragliding is not for every one. Take a look at what you need to satisfy before taking up this sport.

1. Be mentally and physically strong for such an adventurous sport.
2. Spend at least 8 training days to fly comfily as a certified solo pilot.
3. Prepare a fair fortune for its extravagant equipment like variometer, GPS
4. Only practice in reputed centers.
5. Find permitted places to fly through airport sectional maps or local authority.

Hang gliding: A perfect infusion of paragliding

Hang gliding, the cousin of paragliding is also an air port equipped with parachute-like wing, but this wing is rigidly triangle-shaped (delta-shaped) and non-motorized. In addition, it is commonly made of aluminium alloy or composite-framed fabric rather than a kind of normal fabric like in paragliding.
The techniques and some obligatory conditions to take up hang gliding are quite the same with those in paragliding.

But one plus point of hang gliding over paragliding is that modern technologies are increasingly applied to the former, allowing practitioners to safely perform some extremely tough and almost impossible-to-crack movements such as air acrobatics. Moreover, thanks to advanced technologies, hang gliders can achieve a maximum speed of 90 km/h thereby more easily to across country-sized distances.

Additionally, you can have a chance to share your delta-shaped wing with your beloved ones (normally one more person), which is impossible with paragliding. I’m sure that there will not be such thing like enjoying the massive spectacular space with your dears, and together you guys can scream loudly without worrying about disturbing other people. What an amazing feeling!

However, it is noteworthy that hang gliding can cost an earth for both lavish equipment and learning courses. So unless you cannot afford this sport, let’s kill it right away because it is truly wonderful. Nowadays, paragliding and hang gliding are more and more globally widespread, not just confined to developing countries like the US. And alongside with their development, many annual competitions for those sports also ever more attract adventure-lovers. So what do you think about paragliding and hang gliding? Are they captivating? If so, fly.

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