Latest Apple Drone Video Shows Steady Progress of the ‘Spaceship’ Campus 2

Spaceship campus 2
The vision named Apple which blossomed under adept guidance of Steve Jobs is now set to expand its empire further by adding a new campus which has been named the ‘Spaceship Campus’ because of its unique flying saucer-like design. This new campus will complement its existing campus at One Infinite Loop.

Perhaps drawing inspiration from the Spaceship concept, an enthusiastic drone pilot used his Phantom 2 Quadcopter and GoPro Hero 3+ to sneak into the construction site to get some best shots of the construction work in progress. With curiosity mounting up about Apple Campus 2, it is no wonder that the video once uploaded in Youtube became an instant hit. Before talking about latest Drone Apple ventures, let’s dig into some interesting facts about Apple ‘Spaceship’.

The new Apple campus – Why is it Unique?

Spanning over a 2.8 million square-foot area, the 176-acre site will house around 13,000 Apple employees in one building. The four storied building will be designed in a circular fashion with huge glass walls so that employees can have a unique view from both sides of the ring. With emphasis on eco-friendly structures Apple has clear instruction about using top- quality materials only including specific maple species and fine quality heartwood. The structure will be equipped with solar panels around the top of the building. Because of its expansiveness, the sections will be divided into entrances, lobbies, fitness centers or cafeterias.

Taking into account the fact that different departments would need to work together, the design considers vertical as well as horizontal proximities. With countless amenities and breathtaking landscape that the building offers, Apple employees will surely enjoy working in an aesthetically pleasing and cheerful environment!

When Apple ventures into something, people become inquisitive! Thus no wonder that several Drone Apple shots have emerged over past few months, all claiming to offer exclusive peak into the Spaceship campus. While the first drone video captured with GoPro camera in the month of August’14 gave an overall view of the project site, without sneaking into details, the latest video posted by AppleInsider as on December 2014, presents the real aura of the ‘Spaceship’ campus.

This recent video quality is remarkably superb presenting clear images of the expansive site in Cupertino, CA . As the drone crosses the wall and the circular structure unfolds right before your eyes, expectation starts building up. It takes you for a tour of the site as you catch a glimpse of the multimillion dollar theater site. The parking structure is also coming up rapidly. The excavated spaceship ring structure is almost covered now as concrete joists are laid out to build the floor structure.

While the company maintains silence and hasn’t complained about intrusion into its privacy, one thing is clear from drone Apple shots. The tech giant is clearly in a hurry to complete the project within its declared 2016 deadline. Known to be the company which seldom fails after it commits, Apple is expected to keep its promise this time too.

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