Latest Breakthrough in Wearables, RFID inlay based on Higgs-4 chips

Wearable RFID
Smart, connected devices have experienced exponential growth worldwide, over past few years. The Term IOT or “Internet of Things” has revolutionized daily lives by introducing an ecosystem of devices and objects which get connected to each other via WIFI.

Now that consumers and enterprises want more of seamless, full-time connectivity the IOT has been empowered by several advancements of which RFID technology deserves special mention. Several companies have entered the fray sensing immense opportunity in the burgeoning wireless machine to machine connectivity segment. This has helped in generation of new products and services.

The latest introduction in the Wearables is ultrahigh frequency or UHF RFID inlays from Alien Technology. The company made an official statement this month end announcing its largest rollout of new Higgs-4 inlay products. Before digging deeper in to these technologies, let’s take a look at the company background.

Alien Technology, a pioneer in the RFID segment

Since inception in 1994, Alien has emerged a global leader in the UHF Radio Frequency Identification or RFID, Integrated Circuits or IC, tags, readers and professional service segments. Headquartered at Morgan Hill, CA, the company is driven by one motto of delivering “Trusted Performance”. Alien Higgs-4 mass-market optimized RFID IC has already grabbed a huge market share for its highly integrated and cost-effective features. Being respected as the most trusted and widely used tag family worldwide, the company boasts of an expansive range of inlays, including Higgs-4 chip based ALN-97xx inlays and Higgs-3 chip based ALN-96xx inlays. With latest inclusions, the company has expanded its inlay family to total 15.

Higgs-4 IC based inlays ALN-9714 for pharmaceutical and related applications

This newest offer from Alien Technology is specifically designed to cater to pharmaceutical, healthcare and chemical applications, especially those related to fluid or powder filled glass vials or ampoules. This RFID inlay gets noticed for its small form factor that of 0.59” x 0.67” so that it can be easily used on vials and ampoules across relevant industries. The ‘Bio’ tag supports read/write distance as well as handheld reader usages.

Higgs-4 IC based inlays ALN-9741 for paper products

The ALN-9741 “Doc” RFID inlay design best suits paper products like documents and file folders. Because of thin outline the inlay is extremely tolerant to nearby placement of multiple tags without shadowing or detuning each other. Its form factor of 3.74” x 0.32” along with other properties allows the tag to be placed in close proximity to documents or files that are already packed together with many tags.

Higgs-4 IC based inlays ALN-9730E for high volume applications

The ALN-9730-E “Squiglette E” draws inspiration from the already high performing, general-purpose Higgs 4 Squiggle sibling. The latest E version boasts of an advanced design with European UHF RFID frequency band of 865.6 to 867.6 MHz. Thus new inlay best suits most challenging high-volume applications across segments like Retail, Warehouse Management and Enterprise-Wide Asset Management. As obvious from recent initiatives and developments, the RFID segment is poised for a big year ahead. We are waiting, with bated breath!

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