Latest FPV racing quadcopter kits

Cobra CM-2208 Carbon fiber frame and propellers

Cobra Carbon fiber frame and propellers with cobra CM-2208 motors

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, you always need the best for your creation. But of course, there are times when you find yourself lost in the pool of kits offered by various brands. Therefore, we have come up with a list of some of the latest FPV kits for racing mini quad. This list will help you find the best kit from the latest innovations.


Lumenier QAV250-RTF-CF Mini FPV Quadcopter RTF Carbon Fiber Edition

It offers an integrated main frame board made of Carbon Fiber (2.5D CNC-ed). It comes with a complete power distribution panel that accommodates ESCs and FPV fittings. The frame also offers Landing gear and props, along with base for HD camera and 32 mm board cameras. You can also find two unified LED strips for the LOS positioning.

Lumenier QAV250-G10-Kit Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit

It’s a compact frame made of robust G10 material. Despite its small size, it’s fully functional. It needs props, flight controllers, motors, asks and also needs to be assembled.

Lumenier Danaus Frame Kit (250mm FPV Mini-Quadcopter with integrated prop guards)

Lumenier Danaus Frame Kit-e
This is again one of the Quad Frame Kits available at a pocket friendly price tag. The kit includes the mainframe, hardware, XT60 power pigtail, landing gear and power distribution panel. The frame is made of Carbon fiber combined with glass fiber. It is weighs just 205g hence pretty light weighted. It can easily accommodate a 32 mm board camera along with Mobius over it. Its convenient pattern allows you to use 3S LiPo pack battery of 1300mah, and motors of 1806-2204 with propellers.

Propeller Guard

Lumenier QAV250-G10-PG QAV250 G10 Prop Guards

Lumenier QAV250-G10-PG QAV250 G10 Prop Guards-eamazon
The prop guards weigh 15g each and will fit on a range of materials, viz. G10 QAV250, Carbon Fibre QAV250 and other frames using 5” propellers. The kit also includes 4x prop guard accessories that are composed of G10 material. The spacers and the screws are made of aluminum.

Lumenier QAV250-CF-PG Carbon Fiber Prop Guards

Lumenier QAV250-CF-PG Carbon Fiber Prop Guards-eamazon
The collective prop guards weigh 13.25g each, and can fit on the mini quad frames like, Carbon Fiber QAV250, G10 QAV250 and any other frames with props measuring 5”. The kit also comprises of 4x prop guard sets. The prop guards are composed of Carbon Fiber. The bolts and the spacers are made of aluminum.

Brushless Motor

Space One FPV Brushless Motor 2300KV 1806 Quadcopter Drone Multirotor for 250 size Quads

Space One FPV Brushless Motor 2300KV 1806 Quadcopter-eamazon
This brushless motor by Space One is of premium quality, and gives you a smooth experience with your mini quad. Not just that, the 2300KV 1806 model is also light in weight. It offers elongated life cycle for the ball bearings, makes less noise while it works, extremely capable and also offers dynamic balance processing.

Boost the performance of your mini quad today with these quality offerings, and enhance your racing experience.

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