Latest updates on Sensoria’s Health Sensing Wearables

Wearable activity monitors are recently in the news. It is expected that these will have a greater impact on mobile health and digital technology in coming days. The only thing is that these wearables are still not available in such fashion so that people can wear it to flaunt their style quotient!

Sensoria, a recognized name in the field of wearable health sensing socks, sports bra and T-shirts aim to introduce wearables that can be part of your everyday fashion while achieving the health target too. The company has recently raised $5 million from investors with an aim to streamline its product categories.

An interview with Davide Vigano, Sensoria CEO and a senior personal has revealed few interesting facts about several benefits of wearable embedded technology, and how it can boost the function of medical apps. Stressing on the point that their products won’t disrupt your daily lifestyle, the company executive said that you can wear the sock or T-shirt just like your regular attire and go to work. These come with an automatic system so that elders who are usually reluctant about learning how to operate the wearable won’t have to do anything in this case.

Several healthcare segments are covered by Sensoria wearables of which occupational health, ulcers, diabetic foot complications, peripheral neuropathy, fall prevention and detection, prosthetics and orthotics deserve special mention.

Sensoria plans to woo wide category of clients ranging from self-proclaimed health enthusiasts to hardcore athletes, elders with knee pain to any individual detected with diabetes. Yes, anyone can take up their products matching his/her health requirements.

Addressing the market competition issue, the executive said that right now Sensoria is placed at an advantageous position as they are the only manufacturer of health tracking socks, in the field of T-shirts there are few competitors though. Then their system ensures elaborate gathering of data direct from the body or foot. So quite naturally they are enjoying some market benefits.

Talking about research opportunities, the CEO explained that already some academic researchers have expressed interest in their company products. Few from the Department of Defense level have applied for grants which is indeed exciting. Thus he feels that their technology has the great ability to do well and do good, leveraging sensors and orthotics is just an example.

The one field where Sensoria actually excels is time-gait analysis. Doctors and researchers who are looking for smart ways to collect gait and speed data would surely find Sensoria technique useful. This would help in fall detection or prevention. Patients detected with multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis can be tracked and treated with the wearable technology.

The Davide Vigano, CEO further said that their company is working on devices which will be at least 30% smaller than their current size but will be more power packed. However to come up with better engineering and technology the company needs partnerships with researchers and medical device companies. The CEO ended the interview on a positive note saying that in coming days they expect many more fruitful partnerships since there are many areas yet to be explored.

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