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Smart gadgets and devices have made our life easier and comfortable. Large portions of the smart watches that are presently accessible in the business have a square/rectangular face, which is not what most individuals need to wear on their wrist. In case you’re a watch individual, you’d most likely need your watch to have a round dial. One more addition in such category is Moto 360.

Also known as “re imagined wristwatch of the future,” this new watch by Motorola runs on the Android Wear, which is the new operating System of Google. Unveiled by Motorola and LG’s G smart watch, this amazing high-tech watch will soon released in summers!

Specifications and Features

The basic concept of naming it “360” is because of its round shape, giving it a clearer and larger surface area. This watch will not just limited to tell you the time, but also offers many features. It will keep the user update with notification and updates just as the middle of the circular dial that help in boosting up the attention of the users. Made of metal or leather strap, this smart watch gives a classy and traditional look by enhancing its features. The Watch is based on the principal of inductive charging ‘Qi’ that means it will charge itself without need of any USB port.

Battery Life

Another feature of Moto 360 is its battery life. As the watch works highly on the android Wear’s features ‘OK Google’ with stacked cards and notifications. The battery doesn’t get affected.

Voice Control and Voice Detection Features

These amazing voice features allow the users to give voice commands to the device for diverse desired performances and operations such as call to some number, recording and send text messages.

Scrolling down with the multiple screens

With the feature of multiple screens in the watch, user’s time is saved and they can work more efficiently. From current news, calls, social updates, day plans and many more, it keeps you updated all day. A definitive and notable piece of engineering, Moto 360 is called as the amusement changer of the up to date times. The new android framework by Google Android Wear has helped towards the esteem production of Moto 360 by Motorola (the organization which is recently possessed by Lenovo) and given this world a contraption with quick and moment upgrades while making the work more simpler prompting perfectionism.

Motorola calls this the “cutting edge timepiece” and it surely is. The Moto 360 is created out of high-review metal and has that premium completed that one searches for when purchasing a watch. The round face is the key here, as none of the smart watches accessible today have one. It’s troublesome to make a round presentation, yet Motorola has done this recently. Motorola says that the Moto 360 will be accessible beginning in summer 2014 and in distinctive styles and surely diverse shades also.

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