Navdy Helps Keep Your Head up and Eyes on Road While Driving

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If you are a seasoned driver then you must have heard the term ‘distracted driving’. According to figures released by United States Department of Transportation, individuals who read or send text messages while driving are at 23% greater risk of getting involved in car crashes as compared to other drivers. The study further says that a car crash usually happens within an average of three seconds after the driver is distracted.

The US Department of Transportation also notes that cell phone is the sole cause of an approx. 1.6 million auto crashes every year which result in half a million injuries and 6,000 deaths. These figures are indeed shocking and have prompted car makers to work on navigation technology. Still most of them lag in several departments.

Till date majority automakers rely on LCDs to guide the driver with road map or turn-by-turn directions. Some offer phone or audio information while driving. The problem with such driving assistances is that these ultimately end up diverting drivers’ eyes from the road. Observing this trend, San Francisco start-up Navdy have devised a unique driving solution which ensures your hands remain on steering wheel and eyes fixed on road. With a Navdy device on the car dashboard you need not worry about distracted driving.

To define in simple terms, Navdy is a Head-Up Display exclusively designed to provide all necessary driving information like turn-by-turn navigation instructions, your car’s current speed, RPM and fuel economy.

Text messages and other cell phone notifications are also displayed. These images get projected on a transparent screen just a few inches from the Navdy device. The display technology is so magical that it gives impression as if the image is floating over the road! Touch-less gesture controls enable you to accept or initiate calls even without looking at your phone. You can pause or play the music streaming from your iPhone, the way you want.

Navdy’s control features are awesome which means you just swipe your hand to the left to answer a phone call! Now if you are wondering whether it will be compatible with your Android or iOS then good news is that the compatibility option will come up very soon. The company is also working on upgrading its apps options.

This San Francisco based start-up has received highly encouraging press coverage. While Mashable compares it with connected car system, praises it as a sort of Google Glass for cars. Then Motor Trend, TNW, The Verge and Gizmodo are also quite enthusiastic about promising future of this high quality portable head-up display unit.

The company has already started taking pre-orders on its website, keeping the price range within a moderate $299. Very soon it will start full production after which the price might escalate to around $499. The company is further working on upgrading the HUD features and functions. Thus it is expected that very soon Navdy will emerge in an even more amazing, helpful and cooler avatar!

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