Outdoor group walk is the best way to free your mind and body

outdoor walking
Modern lifestyle has showered mankind with several benefits. However, it brings with it many vices too, the most common being handling stress in daily life. Be it pressure at workplace or tension at home, more and more people are suffering from bouts of depression and anxiety. Psychologists worry that if the situation is not handled immediately then it might take the shape of a social catastrophe soon!

Right now the million dollar question is how to fight off depression? Is it wise to visit a medical expert and resort to medication or stick to some alternate cures? In recent times some very interesting remedies have emerged to fight off stress and depression, outdoor walking being the most important of them.

The remedy sounds really easy, isn’t it! Recently a study conducted by the University of Michigan along with James Hutton Institute, De Montfort University, and Edge Hill University, UK have stumbled upon this interesting fact that group nature walk is the key to lower depression, sound mental health and well-being.

It’s already a known fact that outdoor hiking not only promotes physical health but takes care of mental well-being too. However the recent study conducted on a large scale supports this conclusion even more strongly. Some may like to refute this saying that an hour gym exercise is even more effective and scientific.

However, no one can deny that outdoor walks in natural environment can immediately lift your mood and work as a powerful stress-buster. What could be more refreshing than enjoying nature in its full glory as the landscape changes each season! Of course you can’t enjoy such a soothing ambiance while working out at a gym.

Most importantly outdoor hiking is the cheapest form of exercise which is easily accessible and doesn’t come associated with any risk factor. Unlike gym admission which comes with an expensive tag, joining a group walk club is definitely cheaper. Further, in case of gym workout you may need to follow certain restrictions/regulations based on health conditions.

On the contrary, an outdoor walk is the best way to free your mind and body. When the walk in organized in a group form, it enables walkers to connect and communicate with like-minded persons, thus building up a permanent bond. This can provide the much needed emotional support especially when the person is going though stressful life events like unemployment, death of someone close or a nasty separation.

Hiking with a group has one more benefit in that it guarantees necessary safety. A single walker on an isolated trail might draw curious glances and some unscrupulous people too, whereas walking with a group would surely make you feel better protected. In fact, researchers who conducted the group walk study observe that participants consider the hiking more as a form of entertainment rather than a strenuous exercise.

Thus to conclude, awareness will keep growing as more and more groups are resorting to nature hiking. Soon a time will come when people would prefer joining a group hiking club rather than visiting a medical practitioner.

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