Parrot Bebop Quadcopter and Skycontroller joysticks in 2015

Parrot Bebop Quadcopter

Skycontroller and Red Parrot Bebop Quadcopter

Post the success of AR. Quadcopters by Parrot in 2010, there was a major gap due to the close competition afterwards, by the leading Drone manufacturing companies, like 3DRobotics and DJI. There was an obvious slowdown of the Parrot models in the last five years compared to the swift and astute aviators by the current leaders.

But, just when we thought that Parrot is almost out of the scene, they unveil Bebop, which flies as high as no other drones in the market can. Not just that the machine boast of a sleek look, but it’s also considerably lighter in weight and quick, while it captures videos at 1080p. More importantly, all these features are available at $500 and without the need of any expensive add-on, like a GoPro.

While it’s a grade up than the AR. Quadcopter when it’s about the design, it also adapts the usefulness of its app-powered systems. So what’s so special about the Bebop Quadcopter?

The super glossy front structure (spherical and sloping forward) imparts a look like a super car, in choice of colors like, red, blue or yellow. There’s space above the chassis for batteries to fit in, held tightly by a Velcro strap. The downside here could be the material used for the strap, which looks a tad cheap, however, the positive feel here is the power button that helps you do away with any dealings with the battery. The Bebop Quadcopter needs two batteries, and each of them assures a flight time of 11 minutes, which is a tested fact.

We love the chic twisted blade guards that could be fitted in and taken off with such ease compared to the chunky foam exterior of the AR. Drone. The current layout allows the camera to capture full view without any obstructions in the front, however, it does leave a space at the back. The 14-megapixel fish eye camera installed at the nose of the machine that faces forward, but looks down. This improved version lets you capture live video stream with the help of the Parrot’s Free Flight App.

Beginners will need app and you will need your Android or iOS phones to adjust the flight settings or watch the live video. This feature could be some task for the beginners considering the difficulty to view the phone screens when outdoors.

The only fun that we miss here is the use of material joysticks to control the quad-copter, rather than the on screen controls which simply lack the accuracy and receptivity. It becomes a real strenuous task to look back and down at the screen each time reposition your thumbs! However, the brighter part of the app is about its level of details, which helps you fix a height limit, adjust the momentum of the rotation, and adjust the different camera settings with just a touch.

For a better flying experience of the Bebop Quadcopter you need the Skycontroller which does not come along with the machine, so that’s another $400 which makes it a whopping $900. Yes, however the Skycontroller helps reduce the flying capacity of the Bebop Quadcopter with its super joysticks, a number of one touch controls, and improved batteries. With the help of the controller, the machine simply speeds up similar to the DJI’s previous Phantom models.

There are other glitches with the Bebop Quadcopter like, it LEDs unlike other models hence, no help with place or positioning, and no follow-me feature. That it has a recording storage of 8GB which can store a 1080p video of 40 minutes is an upside. Transfer the images or videos to your phone or to your PC for swift downloads, that’s your choice. The video quality is mix and compared to the GoPro Hero4.

The Bebop Quadcopter does excel when it’s about looks, and pleasant to fly along with the Skycontroller. Compared to the competitions, the machine lacks a few significant functions, and does not live up to the flying expectations alone.

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