Parrot Drone Ventures into the Agricultural Industry

AgriDrone by Airinov   Credit: Airinov

AgriDrone by Airinov Credit: Airinov

The French manufacturer of recreational drones seems to be on a roll since the past few months. Parrot, once again showed their devilish penchant for acquisition this Monday, on June 15th by taking over an establishment which is known for manufacturing devices in the field of agriculture. It’s the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) market which is on the target list of the French drone giant, Parrot. They are more keen on the up-and-coming UAV market post their success of toy productions.

Parrot, which is famous for its competitive drones and famous for their models like A.R Drone that flies with the latest technology (smartphones, tablets) is increasing their acquisitions in the category to spread its significant user base which will now also include experts. In this case the experts or the professionals will be the users from the agricultural sector. Parrot is eyeing Airinov for their expansion plans and intends to invest between 21.1% and 53.13% on them.

Airinov specializes in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles targeted for agriculture. It is reported that Parrot will finance 6.1million euros in Airinov for the company’s development, which took off in the year 2013. Parrot in their statement to the press said, that Henri Seydnoux (group founder) will also make a deal, where they will buyback Airinov’s shares in the numbers of 1.4million. The shares belong to a significant number of minority investors/stakeholders.

Airinov evidently registered a profit of 1.4 million euros by the end of financial year 2014, and crossed over 20,000 hectares during 2013-2014. While Parrot eyes the agricultural sector, it is also focused on its security. So, they intend to boost their share in EOS Innovation to 68% (creator of a robot that controls mobile, and founded in 2010) from 33.4% capital that they held since 2013. Being the proud seller of more than 1.5 million drones globally , Parrot had already taken over the maker of sense-fly ultralight wings and autonomous (made for mapping), a Swiss enterprise in 2012.

Parrot is a company that has gone through many shifts in its lifetime; however, their primary aim has always been drones. Parrot was founded in 1994 and its chief offering at that time was voice recognition services, mainly for the blind community. The company later (in 2000) moved over to specialize in electronic gadgets made for automobiles and mobile phones.

Parrot holds the second position in the world, just next to DJI (Chinese brand) in production of consumer drones. Being world no.2, Parrot wants increase their share in the B2B sector which is approximated at 6.4million. This estimation is calculated by the company Teal Group, who also forecast would double up by the year 2025.

Even though the market is promising, to be a global leader it needs to be integrated, rather than dispersed. The German creators of Microdrones have still not reached the milestone of selling at least 1000 gadgets since the year 2005. The sector therefore, needs to be more organized for Parrot to attain the first spot in the world.

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