Progress in artificial intelligence and data mining to make your computer smarter

As mobile and tablet applications are dominating the technology landscape this has resulted in shifting attention towards artificial intelligence (AI) and data mining application. The reason is AI technology along with data mining can be of great help in designing intelligent computer systems which would exhibit characteristics associated with human intelligence.

Right now artificial intelligence technologies are going through many challenges in the areas of affective computing, computational intelligence, machine learning and pattern recognition. Thus the call of the hour is fresh approach towards fast and effective algorithms which would help in dealing with large-scale datasets in dynamic environments.

Good news is that scientists right now have embarked on this mission of exploring a largely unexplored field with artificial intelligence and data mining. Discussed below are few interesting works in this field which would enable your computer to learn on its own!

Regular surfers must have experienced this situation now and then. They wanted to initiate a net search but couldn’t remember the exact word. Sometimes Internet presents such huge volume of information that the surfer just can’t decide which to accept and what to reject.

To solve this problem, computer scientists from the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Seattle have developed the first fully automated computer program which they have aptly named Learning Everything about Anything (LEVAN).

The program works in a unique manner in that it searches millions of images and books available on the Web so as to learn all possible variations of a specific concept. Then it displays the comprehensive result in a compact list of images. Thus it becomes easier for the browser to explore the compact list fast and understand topics in greater detail.

Now if you are thinking that this program is same as online image library then you are totally wrong. While the online library depends on words displayed in captions, LEVAN sets up rich sets of phrases with pixels in images. Once it understands which phrases are important, the program starts looking for images on the Web which are uniform in appearance among the photos retrieved. Scientists are right now working on overcoming certain limitations of LEVAN, like the processing speed and capabilities.

A small team of engineers belonging to the startup Viv Labs claims to be on the verge of an AI breakthrough. They have designed a program which is able to teach itself. They are quite optimistic that over time this program will use personal preferences and infinite web of connections to answer any kind of query, provide all sorts of information and perform almost any function. In short, the team aims at presenting its artificial intelligence as a utility!

When startups are promising such positive outcomes, how can Internet giants like Google sit idle! Recently Google has acquired the UK deep-learning company DeepMind and has also lured few AI masterminds into its team. If present endeavors are any indication, you may need to wait only for few more years for artificial intelligence to make a strong entry into your household!

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