Shoes that will show you right path and intelligent textiles Sox for better health

Smart footwear LECHAL INSOLE CREDIT: Ducere

Smart footwear LECHAL INSOLE CREDIT: Ducere

Inventions are coming up almost every day in the field of wearable technology. However if you take a close look, it seems that lots of concentration goes towards upper body parts. In that way the market is crowded with Smart watches, Smart glasses, head wears and wristbands.

Till date, researchers have given little attention to design wearable devices targeting the lower body especially legs. However, some latest research works imply that wearable tech has indeed taken a step forward! Discussed below are few wearable devices which will literally guide you to the destination and do some other crucial functions too.

Smart Shoes that shows the way

A unique venture by an Indian startup Ducere, has resulted in devising GPS-enabled smart sports shoe which vibrates to show the right direction. Aptly named as ‘LeChal’ , which means ‘take me along’, the bright looking red sneakers will count the number of steps wearer has taken while also keeping track of distance covered and calories burned.

This smart shoe has a Bluetooth transceiver which could be detached. It links to a Smartphone app which uses Google maps to give direction to the wearer. Vibrating signals tell the user whether to take a left or right turn. Explaining its benefit, the research team said that it is always helpful if you have a smart shoe to show the way than a Smartphone or any other device which might be distracting sometimes.
If everything goes well, the shoe will hit the market very soon.

Smart socks to protect diabetic foot

Diabetes is a silent killer which affects almost all body parts and that includes foot too. Sometimes the foot loses sensation and hence foot infections or ulcers go unnoticed. In serious cases, this might lead to foot amputation too. Doctors at the University of Arizona Medical Center, in Arizona, have come up with a unique way to prevent such foot disasters by designing smart socks. Named as Smart Sox, the pair is made to find specific foot locations and ranges of motion that might turn problematic.

Then warning signals is sent, indicating hotspots which are causing complications. Smart Sox consists of fiber optics and sensors which help in precise monitoring of pressures in the patient’s feet. As the team explained, these smart socks will make a lot of difference for patients suffering from foot ailments. Apart from these, some other interesting researches have reported which will be available commercially soon. Take for instance, Boogie the multi-sensor pair of technology devices that can turn any shoe into a smart shoe.

It is capable of sensing gravitational forces, inner body balance and the feet’s 3D movement in real-time. This data deliver directly to the mobile device. One researcher working on wearable foot devices has made an interesting observation. He feels that smart footwear designed now are drawing inspiration from video game technology which uses the virtual reality aspect to draw real-life conclusions.

Lower body wearables will be real craze. Not only sports persons or health enthusiast but smart shoes/devices will woo commoners too.

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