Skully AR-1 Revolutionizes Conventional Helmet Concept

Skully AR-1 inside
A helmet with Heads-Up Display and voice recognition sounds interesting? This is what Skully offers. Wearing this sleek black helmet with aerodynamic fin, you might feel like the Ironman! So, if you are looking for an unparalleled riding experience then Skully is the helmet to put on. It just can’t be defined in a single word. Awesome design and perfect aerodynamic makes Skully the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. Some pessimists might opine what is so special about Skully!

Certain features like high-definition video by Go Pro, GPS navigation, voice recognition or Bluetooth connectivity have already showed up in cars long time age. The speciality of Skully is that it presents an interesting package covering all these features. Voice recognition and Heads-Up Display of course come as double bonus.

By investing in Skully you get an all-in-one package that covers Heads-Up Display, instant connectivity via Bluetooth, situational awareness through GPS navigation or high speed microprocessor and intelligent sound. Armed with DOT/ECE certification along with scratch, fog and glare resistant visor this exclusive helmet guarantees utmost riding safety. Of course not to forget its perfect fit since it comes in all sizes from S to XXL.

How Skully transforms your riding experience

If you have never given much attention to helmets then Skully compels you to think otherwise! Imagine a smart helmet with electro-chromic visor that changes hue just with finger touch! How about having a 180-degree rear view camera fitted in your helmet, that surveys the road while streaming videos through a transparent front display. You can easily adjust the camera angle digitally by using Skully Smartphone app. This allows you to check blind spots or get road direction even without turning head or taking eyes off the road. Voice command? Don’t worry, that is available too. So, with Skully you can have all the fun while riding!

Even while maintaining a speed of 80mph, you can receive calls as the Smartphone sends all incoming calls to your helmet’s earphones. Outgoing calls are allowed too. You only need to send outgoing call request to your connected Smartphone. Want to enjoy your favorite music while riding? Just order it and Skully provides it! No wonder it is defined as the helmet for the digital age!

It is interesting to note the kind of positive review that this smart helmet has managed to receive from media and prominent personalities. According to Popular Mechanics, Skully indicates beginning of motorcycle tech revolution. Road Track feels this is the much anticipated helmet ever produced. Popular Science too rates the helmet quite highly as compared to its peers in the market.

Skully AR-1 two
Already the company has raised over a million in funding, its target being over 2 million. As the website shows, around 950 riders have booked Skully AR-1, agreeing to an estimated delivery of May 2015. This only proves the kind of trust people are conferring on the Indiegogo community, the manufacturer of Skully helmet. The Indiegogo team is quite confident of fulfilling people’s expectation by coming up with advanced hi-tech version of the helmet in near future with enhanced safety features.

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