Skulpt Aim Provides an Accurate Body Fat Percentage

Skulpt Aim fat muscle
We have seen an upsurge of Jawbone, Fitbit and Garmin in the fitness tracker category previous year. The year 2015 is expected to be an eventful and promising one for health enthusiasts as a specialized fitness gadget Skulpt Aim hits shelves with a price tag of $199.99. The device first came into limelight on becoming the innovations award honoree in the health and fitness segment at CES 2014. Now that the product is commercially available, it’s time to take a close look at what’s so special about Skulpt Aim.

The Aim’s main objective is to measure body fat percentage and muscle quality, i.e. MQ. It measures flow of electrical current through individual muscles of your body. The information thus collected by its sensors is converted into accurate fitness metrics. The data gets displayed instantly and synced wirelessly to the user’s personal online dashboard.

For retrieval or syncing purpose you might need a Smartphone. Still the Aim can be used independently. Some might feel that the screen is too small but nonetheless you can navigate your way with the simple user interface that gets displayed on the color screen.

This sounds interesting! Check out the device interface and choose what muscles you want to measure; else you can give the “Total Body” option to get an overview of your fitness level. The measurement process is fast and simple. First you need to spray the sensor side with water and then press it against the muscle you wish to measure. The Aim provides an accurate body fat percentage and MQ figure of that particular muscle. Simultaneously it tells whether the muscle is in amazing, fit or average shape. It comes up with “needs work” or “unfit” output if the muscle is in bad shape.

The Skulpt Aim has a typical Smartphone look, may be a bit thick sized one. The design is clean and compact. Since the device is constructed out of plastic that helps faster absorption of moisture. A thin shaped translucent bezel is there along the edge, which allows light emission from within the Skulpt Aim. Thus you can easily use it even in darkness. The user interface is simple and can be understood with no trouble.

What is most intriguing is the backside of Skulpt Aim’s. There are several sensors which send small amount of current to the muscle for measurement. The App is available in any Android or iOS device. This is the hub which helps user navigate better through all the measurements obtained by Skulpt Aim. The company is working on better Apps version so that the user can track weekly or monthly health progress.

Thus to summarize, health enthusiasts will surely enjoy reaching the ‘fit’ or ‘amazing’ level with Skulpt Aim. However the $200 price tag might deter many from investing in it. So to draw consumer attention, Skulpt needs to overcome few of its present drawbacks and come up with a solid, durable and tech-savvy version.

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