Sony Launches SmartWatch 3 SWR50

If you have lost patience waiting for Apple’s iWatch then here’s some good news! While Apple kept stealing limelight, the Japanese electronics giant Sony made a slow but steady progress. According to latest news, Sony Smartwatch 3 is all set to hit the shelves this week. The latest addition to Sony line will be a sure temptation for those who prefer sleek and trendy wearable to adorn their wrists. Here are few features which would encourage buyers to invest in SWR50.

Sony Smartwatch 3 makes sure it matches every style and occasion, be it formal, sophisticated or casual. It comes with a stainless steel bezel band which wraps the square little touch screen. You have the flexibility to pick up wrist straps in vibrant colors and finest materials to express own style quotient. The SWR50 offers 1.6” transflective liquid crystal display with 320 x 320 pixel.

When it is Sony you can surely expect the product to be distinct. Sony SWR50 won’t disappoint you. The device is powered by Android Wear which is a significant shift from Sony’s proprietary operating system or POS. This means Sony’s latest foray into the Smartwatch segment boasts of greater compatibility with Android apps right from the very beginning. Useful information will be practically on your fingertip no matter where you are. Interesting thing is that user inputs are seldom needed. No need to key in your requests. Just talk to the watch and tell it what you want. It obeys instantly!

The device is waterproof and IP68 rated. It comes with an integrated GPS unit which means you don’t need to wear the watch to access it! This is practically helpful for those who are into strenuous physical activities and don’t want to lug their phone everywhere. This latest offering from Sony comes with 1.2 Ghz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB eMMC. Additionally Sony Smartwatch 3 is equipped with ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, Compass and Gyroscope. What more could one ask for!

As per latest reports, Sony is putting up a reasonable price tag of $250 for its latest wearable device. This is undoubtedly a good balance between price and performance for a device which comes with solid features but with some limitations too. Therefore $250 is indeed a reasonable investment if you want to make an impressive addition to your wardrobe with this good looking technology.

Another reason some buyers might shift attention towards Sony SWR50 is because rumor mills are churning out stories about Apple iWatch due to release this April, that it will pinch pockets with an exorbitant price tag ranging between $2,500 and $5,000. There is no sensor to track heart rates. This might drive away fitness conscious buyers who would consider waiting for Apple iWatch to see if that springs better surprises!

Global launching of Sony’s Smartwatch has turned the spotlight on wearable industry. Now it is seen that in spite of certain limitations whether Sony’s latest wearable can move buyers’ heart to part with their hard earned money!

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