• A tattoo biosensor detects lactate levels during exercise.
Photo credit: Joe Wang, ACS

    Alternate power sources for fitness wearable devices

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    Have you ever thought that your body could become the ultimate power source for wearable devices? If not, then it’s time to give your thought process a different twist. Scientists are working towards inventing easily available power sources to benefit fitness wearable technology. Discussed below are few such recent works.

  • sun to solar

    Few latest innovations in solar energy

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    In recent times, several solar innovations have been reported which has immense potential to impact environment and mankind. Some pessimists might point towards heightened global solar PV production in countries like China which has resulted in oversupply of panels and dropping of prices. However, the fact remains is that there are still endless opportunities of […]

  • Mobile World Congress 2015 - Day 1

    Smartwatches that promise longer battery life got displayed in MWC 2015

    News by: The Editors of hmirrorwall

    The Mobile World Congress 2015 has gone through its share of hits and misses. While few major brands disappointed their supporters by not coming up with expected announcements, some new entities have managed to spring surprises in the wearable segment. It’s indeed promising to note that smaller companies have been able to show off innovative […]

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