• A Smartwatch that becomes the center of mobile universe
    Posted in: News

    The Neptune Duo Smartwatch launched recently, came up with the concept of it being a central hub, which is powerful enough to run apps, take calls, and send messages. The hub lets you control a secondary slave Smartphone, and not the other way round. This was only the beginning of Neptune’s Duo plan. Now, it […]

  • Keep an eye on these exciting Apple Watch Apps
    Posted in: News

    image:Apple News about Apple Watch is pouring in almost every day. The week started with announcements regarding the Watch price, battery life and connectivity. The Apps segment might disappoint Apple lovers who are accustomed with wide options offered by the iPhone right now. Still there will be plenty to ensure a diverse experience for users. […]

  • Smartwatches that promise longer battery life got displayed in MWC 2015
    Posted in: News

    The Mobile World Congress 2015 has gone through its share of hits and misses. While few major brands disappointed their supporters by not coming up with expected announcements, some new entities have managed to spring surprises in the wearable segment. It’s indeed promising to note that smaller companies have been able to show off innovative […]

  • More Wearables and Low-Cost Phones form Motorola
    Posted in: News

    Rick Osterloh, President and Chief Operating Officer at Motorola Mobility The Mobile World Congress now going on at Barcelona is experiencing exchange of views by luminaries and innovators almost every day. They are sharing their visions on mobile technology which is expected to transform the way people interact in future. Today the limelight was on […]

  • Few Latest Trends in Wearable Technology
    Posted in: Likeminded

    All eyes are right now on wearable technology with experts predicting how the market will shape up in near future. Almost every day some better trends are getting introduced which are easy to operate, extremely useful and affordable too. Take for instance the Google Glass, the very first gadget which comes to mind whenever the […]

  • Asus Smartwatch to Sever Ties with Android Wear
    Posted in: News

    The Smartwatch segment is experiencing lots of happenings since last few days. Targeting the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2015, companies like LG and Samsung are planning new launches. Perhaps with MWC in mind, the chairman of Asus began talking about the company’s future plan for Smartwatch, just a couple of weeks ago. Longer battery life […]

  • Sony Launches SmartWatch 3 SWR50
    Posted in: Reviews

    If you have lost patience waiting for Apple’s iWatch then here’s some good news! While Apple kept stealing limelight, the Japanese electronics giant Sony made a slow but steady progress. According to latest news, Sony Smartwatch 3 is all set to hit the shelves this week. The latest addition to Sony line will be a […]

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