The Wearable Technology Show – Why You can’t Give it a Miss!

wearable tech show
The Wearable Technology Show which will be held at ExCeL, London from 10th to 11th March 2015 promises to be one of the biggest dedicated wearable technology events in the world. Here are few reasons why you shouldn’t miss it, if you are a technology lover.

No. 1

You get a chance to hear from some of the biggest names in the industry. The WTS 2015 will be addressed by
– The Head of International Partner and Product Development of Jawbone
– The Wearable & Smartwatch Lead of LG Electronics
– Product & UX Design Head of Pebble
– The Co-Founder and VP of Product Science – Basis
– The Head of Future Tech at Pearsons
– The wearables visionary at AIQ.

Apart from them, the event will be addressed by several other luminaries too.

No. 2

You get to know how the wearable industry will shape up in future. The WTS 2015 will feature innovators from large and small technology giants. On one hand there will be participants from some leading companies like Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, Jawbone and Misfit. Side by side, there will be attendees from start-ups like Ambiotex, Nuvo, MyBrain, Made with Glove, funding supreme IndieGoGo along with student group from the University of London. The WTS 2015 platform will be used as the European launch pad to introduce some groundbreaking devices for wide range of applications in areas like sports, fitness, healthcare and lifestyle.

No. 3

You get to know in details about few of the upcoming issues in the wearable industry like
– e-textiles to replace bulky cables for soldier systems
– Wearables entry in the fashion industry
– Future of e-payments with wearables
– Privacy issues related to the cloud system and wearables

No. 4

You will have clear idea about the Augmented Reality and how it will shape up in future. An important topic to come up in the event is the sale of Smartglass and when it will cross the 1 billion mark.

No. 5

You get some inside news into the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and how that will evolve the ‘always on’ society.

No. 6

You get to hear detailed discussion on whether wearables are just a short term craze or hear to stay. After attending the event you will have clear idea about which specific technologies to look out for in coming years.

No. 7

The even platform will be used to analyze wearable role in sports and fitness. The Performance Sports conference track will throw light on how wearables can be used for monitoring sport performances and much beyond that.

No. 8

You will know how wearables will shape up the medical industry of future. Discussions will be held on how wearables enhance quality of life for patients.

You get a closer look into some latest devices like Activinsights’s band which will help healthcare professionals to monitor patients. The WTS 2015 will further display Nuvo’s wearable device which alerts patients of foetal issues and Bainisha’s sensor which can be used to detect early onset of Alzheimer’s. With so many alluring reasons, the Wearable Technology Show 2015 is expected to be a great hit among wearable aficionados.

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