This is just beginning of racing quadcopters

Racing quadcopters with lights CREDIT: Brant Cumming

Racing quadcopters with lights CREDIT: Brant Cumming

Drone racing quadcopters is the new buzzword, as most of the drone lovers are all set to take up their passion for flying. From Australia, to UK and the US, no one seems to be untouched with the Game of Drones. Racing quadcopters(mostly) events are growing in number, and the competitions are only getting fierce. So while even you are raring to go, check out the events which created that furor in the world of drone racing.

About 30 contestants competed at a recent event in Melbourne. As the regular norm for the drone racing quadcopters in Australia, the event took place in a deserted warehouse in the western suburbs. The race would usually begin at 10 am. While the practice session is for five hours, it takes an hour for the final race.

The event offers prize money of a whopping $10,000 which adds to the passion. Drone racers like Darren French has hit a clock speed of 40 mph. Another competitor Chad Nowak won a trip to California with his super swift moves. He will be further sponsored to contest in the US National Drone Championship. The event will be held in July.

UK saw their one of the biggest air shows in many years. The event was held at Weston Park, and the highlight this year was the quad fair. The drone FPV racing was held by the British FPV Racing League which was a visual feast. The racing event took place on the weekend with the miniquads flying all over the ground.

We specially loved the young winner, Luke Bannister, who simply commanded the racing events. His skills and attitude won him a custom-made hexacopter frame, and passes to racing practice sessions.

Dan, a fresh member had the privilege to fly his racing drone on the Heli Flight Line. The FPV team exhibited a performance on the DJI Inspire, DJI Phantom 2, and the ImmersionRC Vortex. The multirotor fanatics gathered at Cowdray Estate on May 2nd for the FPV racing. According to many enthusiasts it was a fun event. From models like DJI Phantom 3 pro quadcopter to personally built quad frames, it was a visual splendor. The first half of the day was spent flying quadcopters on the grass field with flags and gates, and on the tracks laid among the woods. In the forest course only two FPV pilots could manage till the end of first lap.

And, for people who were not contesting FPV racing, they were flying heli, wings and multirotors (Flite Test tricopter & electro hub). We even saw the first DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter flying in UK, and someone flying the DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter at bullet speed.

The California State Drone Racing is all set to be held on July 16th and 17th. It’s the first of its kind in the U.S, and will be held on national level. The competition will be organized at the California State Fair on Bonney Field. 200 pilots are believed to be participating in the race. They need to pay a registration fee of $99 and then go through prestages before reaching the crucial rounds.

Viewers are excited about the multirotor (mostly quadcopters) frames of 250 class that will be flown in the race. They are believed to weigh one pound each, and equal the size of a shoe carton!

In the meanwhile, we all drone buffs are quite thrilled about the upcoming FPV racing championship in Australia (the first of its kind in the continent). We let you know about that soon.

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