Top Five Apps to Keep You in fit Shape

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Healthcare is one space where technology has intervened a bit late. The good thing is that once technology invaded this space, there was no stopping to that! Market experts who are closely studying the healthcare segment feels that mobile health app downloads have increased manifold in recent years. This is partly because people are becoming more and more educated and conscious about healthy living.

Also mobile technology has improved and become cheaper too. Thus it is more cost effective to avail of medical care services via mobile devices. Mobile health-related applications are expected to grow significantly in coming days. Discussed below is a list of the best apps, available in the market, designed exclusively to cater to health and healthcare. The list includes applications that are available for Android and iOS.


is an established name in the health related app category. Considered the most trusted source for medical information, this mobile application provides wide range of health information in a user-friendly format. Be it checking symptoms, analyzing drug side effects, identifying pill or simple first aid tips, the app makes sure all necessary information is available at your fingertips in minimum time.


is respected as the first app of its kind, known to offer one-stop shop solution for all sorts of health needs. View health records, check medical symptoms, trace a doctor, or check out hospital wait times, the app allows all these and much more. In sort this is a helpful app for today’s engaged patients. The app keeps improving its features.


is an interesting health app which targets all those couch potatoes for whom efforts have failed trying to bring them to jogging tracks. There are “personal trainers” who offer easy advices and motivates you about daily workouts. There is the real human audio encouragement option, so that you never miss out the workout session!


helps maintain healthy food diet. It lets you scan barcodes on food packaging. Further the app offers healthy and easily digestible diet information. It comes up with healthier alternatives in case you have picked up some unhealthy food from the supermarket.

Strava Cycling

With GPS Riding feature is a must have for cycling lovers. The app keeps track of daily rides and compares your status against friends. It shows live data during the ride, suggests how to cycle safely and also find out new riding courses to improve your cycling mood! Most importantly it can be connected with heart rate monitors too.

I’m Expecting

is a helpful pregnancy app for couples who are eagerly waiting to welcome the new member in their families. The app addresses all sorts of pregnancy apprehensions by providing up-to-date info on what to expect, how the baby is shaping up, if the mom is in perfect condition and whether the couple needs to take care of any specific issue.

Apart from the above mentioned list there are many more health and healthcare apps which aim at keeping you in fit and fine shape.

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