Two Factor Authentication. You still getting Hacked. Why?

Technology, latest software’s and  cloud computing sound good, right. As you know online security is terrible.

Let’s talk about security,

how you going to deal with it.

I believe that’s next big issue we going to face it is lack of security. Back and forth, people are losing their passwords, ending up in botnets, and some days it seems like you might as well post your bank details on “Pastebin”, just to get it over with.

Here is a one good example,

a pro-Syrian government group took over the Twitter accounts of the Associated Press, The Onion and others. Twitter felt weak and finally released something called two factor authentication to make it’s users more secure.


Website two factor authentication works with something you know or you made (a password – one time password) and something you own (a mobile phone – mobile authentication). It’s not quite perfect, especially if you don’t have or want to connect a phone to your Twitter account. But if you can use it, you should. If you get tricked out of your password, someone still has to get access to your phone before they can tweet names for repeatedly from your work account. Two factor authentication it’s available for “Google”, “Yahoo”, your bank account, and other services that you use.

It’s been a long time coming. Accounts have been getting hacked all the time. Lot of people have clicked bad links only to be tricked into giving up log in, but the techniques to prevent this are decades old.

Why is it still on rise?

The real world and two factor authentication, many companies don’t care about securing their customer.

I’ll tell you why?

If they get hacked, they are considered the victims, not you no matter how badly they secure your information. 11 years ago California passed disclosure law, companies didn’t even have to tell you that your data was lost.

To solve that problem, we have to step up with the software. To start rolling is using what you got now, turning on two factor authentication for your accounts.

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