Unmanned Safety Institute Collaborates with GRADD to Offer Drone Safety and Certification Programs

Hobbyist Drone operation has become quite popular in recent times. News related to such drone operation is coming up almost every day. The one incident which created maximum sensation was the landing of remote controlled Quadcopter on the White House ground. However drone operation is no more limited to amateurish attempts as several companies are planning utilization of drones for business purposes. All these developments have emphasized the need to have proper training in this field.

The Unmanned Safety Institute or USI has come up with an announcement today that it will start offering unmanned aircraft systems (i.e. drone) safety training and certification programs.

The venue is declared as the Global Robot and Drone Deployment (GRADD) Innovation Campus in Las Vegas, Nevada. The announcement further states that USI will collaborate with GRADD and its partners to identify and plan training and research initiatives. Accordingly they will design the full catalog of courses to be taught at GRADD facilities. The news is quite significant in that it comes immediately after the much awaited proposal from Federal Administration Aviation (FAA).

It should be mentioned in this regard that FAA announced its set of rules on February 15th which aims at governing commercial application of drones. FAA further stressed on the need for proper training with special focus on safety issue. Explaining its training program, USI stated that apart from safety courses and certifications, it will also offer training on specific drone systems and scenarios so as to meet industry specific objectives.

With such an expansive plan, GRADD Innovation Campus is all set to become the global center to cater to education and research needs of unmanned systems. The Campus will also experience lots of activities related to testing, development, manufacturing and assembly of specialized drones in coming days.
While making the announcement, USI’s Executive Director said that as commercial drone operations are expanding in the US hence the need to have credible operator safety training programs have increased manifold. Justifying their tie-up with GRADD, he said that the campus is the prudent choice because of their penchant for higher education and R&D. He expressed optimism saying that by working with GRADD’s esteemed facilities, USI will be able to expand their offerings and make a permanent mark as pioneer of drone technology.

The GRADD President & CEO supported the USI Executive Director’s exuberance by stating that they are excited about this new alliance too. They are quite hopeful of coming up with the best training, education, and certification programs in collaboration with USI to ensure safest integration of unmanned aerial vehicles into the National Airspace System or NAS.

Their ultimate aim is to develop a strong ecosystem where operators of different types of unmanned systems can participate by testing, evaluating and developing solutions for varied commercial drone applications. Besides enhancing USI offerings GRADD has plans to set up indoor testing facilities in buildings by providing natural obstacles. They also plan to carry out some outdoor tests in netted areas. The USI-GRADD announcement does raise hope for better regulation of the commercial drone operation in coming years.

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