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Cruise RP-1
The semi-autonomous driving technology is right now at its transition phase. The market has quite favorably acted towards adaptive cruise control system. More sophisticated systems are on the pipeline as well. Those who prefer to stay updated about latest automobile techniques must have heard about the next stage i.e. driverless tech. Very soon the driver will be able to enjoy his pizza or read the newspaper, while the vehicle drives itself towards its destination!

Cruise RP-1 and its interesting story

Cruise Automation, a tiny start-up company run by Kyle Vogt, it all set to zoom past biggies like Google and GM with its driverless revolution, the Cruise RP-1. As the company describes about this latest offer, it is more of a retrofit kit that combines adaptive cruise control and lane maintenance assistance. By activating the system, the car will drift ahead effortlessly, making its way through traffic and difficult by-lanes. You just sit back and relax while the car stops automatically on reaching its destination. Initially the system will be compatible with Audi A4 and S4 only. However the company has plans to include other vehicles too.

Cruise RP-1’s basic component will be a sensor pad which transmits signal to the “Cruise computer”. This special cruise computer’s inbuilt mechanism will be smart enough to take real-time decisions like when the car needs to slow down or when it should navigate through traffic.

ios app Cruise RP-1

Why people will go for Cruise’s driverless mechanism?

Simply because the package comes at an affordable price when compared to Google or GM. Cruise has already promised to keep this new system cheaper, when it gets launched officially. The RP-1 is expected to cost you around $10,000 which is quite an inexpensive alternative to Google’s similar offer.

The latter’s driverless car is expected to be priced around $80,000. Cruise will surely enjoy the benefit of entering the market first. GM demonstrated a similar self-driving mechanism 2 years back but till date it has not being able to come up with any concrete product. Now it is suggesting that their Super Cruise technology will be ready not before 2020. On the other hand, the way Cruise team is working overtime, the company is all set to deliver its first unit by early next year. Thus Cruise will have enough time to lure customers towards its driverless mechanism.

Will Cruise-RP1 taste success or bit the dust?

Market is abuzz right now with varied opinions. While some feel renowned automakers will be preferred when it comes to trying out self-driving cars, many are highly appreciative of how a startup run by few MIT grads is right now stealing the limelight! Vogt is quite confident of coming up with a working product by early 2015. However, the only thing to be watched out for is safety issue. Will Cruise RP-1 turn out be an impeccable and functional product with reliable safety features? After all when it comes to automobile safety, buyers are not

interested in gimmicks from an overenthusiastic technocrat! So, every move of Vogt and his team will be closely watched and analyzed by market experts and buyers before RP1 tastes real success.

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