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Do you consider yourself a health enthusiast who makes it a point to hit the gym at least thrice a week? At the same time, do you feel that the ideal Saturday activity should be an hour long work out at the gym followed by a boozy brunch? Actually you are not the one to think in this line.

A latest study published online in an American Psychological Association journal, Health Psychology clearly states that people have tendency to drink more alcohol on workout days, especially Thursday through Saturday. This is the first study of its kind where participants aged between 18 and 89 recorded the span of their physical activities in their Smartphone.

They maintained records of how much alcohol they drank every day for three weeks at a stretch. This process was repeated two more times throughout the year. Results turned out to be quite interesting! The lead author of the study David E. Conroy observed that Monday through Wednesday are the busiest days when people cut down alcohol consumption. As soon as the ‘social weekend’ kicks off from Thursday, people become more conscious about their workouts. Simultaneously they tend to reward themselves for those lengthy workout sessions with more alcohol consumption.

On further observation it emerged that people who exercise more don’t drink more. The fact is people tend to hike their booze intakes when they remain more active as compared to less active days. According to Conroy, further studies are needed to come to this conclusion that people indeed consume more alcohol after intense workout at the gym.

Another angel could be that physical activities lead them to more social interactions thus resulting in greater alcohol consumption. Conroy is quite optimistic of understanding connection between these two variables which would help in promoting physical activity while reducing alcohol use.

Reading till now, don’t put the blame entirely on alcohol if gym workouts are not presenting you with that desirable svelte figure! Research also shows that people have this tendency of rewarding themselves with rich foods and that too in large portions after exercising. Obviously the end result is that they often eat back all those calories (sometimes may be more calories) they have burned in the gym session!

Another tendency that have been noticed is that once an exerciser consumes any particular rich food after an intense gym session, he develops this habit of consuming the same food next time too, no matter how long the exercise lasts. Thus it is really no wonder that a recent survey, conducted by diet firm Forza Supplements, founds that one out of four gym users actually gains weight after working out! The survey conducted on 1,000 gym goers showed that 35% rewarded themselves to a snack or treat, a glass of wine or a pint of lager, after intense workout sessions.

While it is completely understandable that people naturally have greater appetites after grueling workouts but that doesn’t justify gorging on cheesecakes or gulping down bottles of beer! There is no harm giving in to temptations now and then but make sure that the rewarding process doesn’t obstruct your workout benefits.

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