Wearable Tech Transforms Plain Headphones into Smart Ones

If you have this idea till now that headphones are used only to listen to music, then you must be in for some surprise! Considered to be one of the most accessible and user-friendly electronic audio devices ever created, headphones have now entered a whole new era of smart technology.

Several reputed companies have adopted unique initiatives to turn headphones into smart devices which the next-gen would love to flaunt. If you have been always troubled by those dangling cables and cumbersome fit of the headphone then here is some good news. Now are available totally brand new headphones, equipped with advanced technology. Hands-free and enabled by Bluetooth, next-gen headphones’ wearable tech, will surely transform the way these devices have been utilized so far. Discussed below are few headphone form factors which will take the market by storm in coming days.

1. Easy to handle

The word ‘headphone’ instantly brings to mind large, black wires and bulky ear buds. If you have always felt irritation dealing with hanging cables or headphones which keep falling out while jogging, then the next-gen Dash headphone offers the perfect solution. Being wireless and armed with Bluetooth technology, you can easily connect the device to your Smartphone.

2. Blocks out all background interference

Only the music reaches your ear and nothing else. There are new style headphones that come with built-in ear bone microphone. The user has option of selecting no background interference. You can opt to hear ambient sounds only or select no noise cancellation. Simply it can be said that these next-gen headphones have mind of their own which decides what enters your ear and what should be left out.

3.Extremely light and best fit for your ear

You might not realize wearing the headphone while working, exercising or jogging because it has become so light. There are devices which come with specifically designed sleeves so to ensure secure fit for all ear shapes.

Headphones with biometrics and gesture control features

You plan to buy a headphone because you want to listen to uninterrupted music. Then the dealer explains several other interesting features of this earpiece which sounded really incredible! Apple and Dash both have their unique offerings of biometric headphone systems, equipped with varied useful features.
It could be your personal health tracker

Just be wearing a headphone you can keep track of your temperature, heart rate, perspiration, oxygen levels or energy levels. Embedded with special sensors, the device will provide audio feedback about heart rate and other levels during exhaustive activities or exercise sessions. So, if you are an athlete or fitness freak, the headphone will keep close watch on your training session. Headphone biometrics to track physiological data.

Apple proposes to achieve this too. However, the company hasn’t exactly clarified its modus operandi in this regard. Further it aims at using accelerometers to control gestures. With so many ongoing activities, users can expect many more advancements in the next-gen headphone segment in coming days.

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