“Wearables and the Happiness Quotient” to be Held at 2015 South by Southwest

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South by Southwest Interactive Conference 2013

Does wearable has anything to do with happiness level? The issue will be addressed during a Core Conversation titled “Wearables and the Happiness Quotient” at South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas. The session will start from 11:00 AM on Saturday, March 14 and will continue for an hour at the JW Marriott, 110 E. 2nd Street, Room no. 210.

Today the announcement in this regard has come from Ready Set Rocket, a digital agency based at New York City, which is committed to connect brands and consumers through pioneering multi-channel experiences. They will be co-presenting the conference with Interbrand which is a well-known brand management consultancy.

In their search for modern lifestyle, greater comfort and luxury, people are getting detached from the very basic concept of ‘Happiness’. The Interactive Conference aims at addressing this very issue and will explore whether wearables can indeed help in achieving higher level of happiness. The session will be led by the Technical Director of Ready Set Rocket and Creative Director of Interbrand.

Starting from quantified-self movement to emerging biometric economy, wearables are indeed capable of delivering on the collective dream. It can figure out what human desires. Therefore it can create analytical and supporting engagement models so as to help an individual achieve his/her goals.

Defining ‘happiness algorithm’ is not really easy. However if it can be done with ubiquitous computing and biometric data then that promises to be quite exciting and meaningful attempt to explore respective disciplines. Therefore the conversation will stress on how marketers, policy makers or even an individual can create a win-win situation based on increasingly personal data.

The Technical Director of Ready Set Rocket has already done commendable job by controlling a brilliant development team which came up with excellent websites and custom applications. The company till date has catered to several high profile clients from varied sectors. Under his leadership the development team has come up with interesting trends and managed innovations thereby ensuring that Ready Set Rocket always remain at the top of cutting edge of technology.

The other participant i.e. the Creative Director at Interbrand New York studio is highly regarded for his focus on mobility and storytelling. He is closely associated with the Yale School of Art as a critic in graphic design. He is a board member of the AIGA National Design Center NY, and a member of the MoMA R&D Salon. His work has recently won Gold Design Lion at Cannes. Previously, he led teams at Frog Design Inc, Brand New School, NY and Coca-Cola.

During today’s Press Meet the Technical Director of Ready Set Rocket shared his optimism about their ongoing relationship with Interbrand and the upcoming core conversation. He is hopeful of positive outcome from the Interactive Conference which will surely help shape and influence the very exciting and crucial intersection of wearables, biometrics and ubiquitous computing.

His opinion is seconded by the Creative Director who feels that if the ‘happiness algorithm’ can be defined precisely then that would open up new horizons for businesses, brands and buyers alike.
In this stressful world, if a wearable can make us happy, surely we will embrace it with open arms!

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